We all know sugar has sweetness, that everyone of us loves, but it has ill effects too. Many have doubt whether we can include sugar in our daily diet. Whether it’s healthy option or not. If this sugar can be taken, then how much amount of sugar can be included in our diet? There is a saying that “Treats and sweets should be kept under moderate levels”. Eating a sugar rich diet leads to increase in dopamine level and also the craving for sugar is increased. Like how drugs affect our brain and human body, this sugar also affects our brain and health.

Sugar are more commonly seen in cold drinks and processed foods, junk foods, cakes and confectioneries. These sugars belongs to a class of carbs.dextrose, lactose and starch are forms of sugar. When you eat a sugar based diet, then the sweet receptors present in our tongues gets fired up. Increase in sugar intake can lead to over eating, learning disabilities, less memory power and finally depression arises.

Taking added sugar is really bad for your health; it results in obesity and heart problems. Too much of sugar intake in your diet can result in mind issues and finally brain damage, this is a shocking news but many research studies states the same statement. Our mind needs energy, in that energy from sugar foods is essential, that energy should come from natural source. Added sugar from processed foods is doing harmful effects to our health. Our brain’s enemy is added sugar and sugar is not enemy to the brain. Human brain requires 10 % of our total energy.

Why added sugar is not good?

When the diet enriched with added sugar decreases the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Our brain needs this chemical for proper functioning, otherwise new memories cannot be formed in our brain and learning disability arises. When frequent eating of foods with added sugar may reduce the BDNF that may further lead to insulin resistance and finally causes type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. This metabolic ill effect may leads to other chronic diseases. Then finally your brain is at risk, where even damage to the brain can happen.

Our brain mechanism is totally affected on chronic intake of added sugar; also oxytocin cells found in brain is blunted due to severe intake of added sugar. Thus craving for food arises, that too unhealthy food choices is chosen for eating, that might goes worsen to take midnight snacks. We actually damage our self without knowing the ill effects of added sugar. This added sugar in no ways going to help you out, only they simply increases your weight, they are added calories with zero nutrients and that finally causes chronic disorders, why even brain damage occurs.


Thus taking added sugar rich foods in your diet is like having addiction to drug, the dopamine activity is less in a depressed brain, and also added sugar in too much quantity may result in Alzheimer’s disease. So addiction is the same like alcohol, drug and even added sugar foods from processed foods all are the same addiction. Thus this unhealthy practice has to be stopped.

I hope you like reading this article; also feel it would provide you some valued information. Thanks for reading out my article.

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Dt. Ramya Sri

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