Heart attack and it’s prevention’s

All you need to know about Heart attack and measures

Our heart requires a proper supply of blood and oxygen. There are two major coronary arteries. These arteries and their branches supply blood to all the parts of the heart.

Heart attack is caused when there is a blockage in coronary arteries. It arises when one or more coronary arteries become blocked. It can be blocked from various reasons like assemble of cholesterol which is also called atherosclerosis. The plaque deposited inside the coronary arteries is hard from the outside and generally soft from the inside. Due to that plaque proper amount of oxygen and blood is not transfer to the heart which can even cause death of the patient if not treated on time.

Symptoms of Heart attack
Some of the very common symptoms of heart attack-

  1. Pain in middle of the chest
  2. Fainting
  3. Shortness of breath and sweating
  4. Nausea or light headedness
  5. Pressure on your upper back or on chest

If anyone in your near and dear suffers from any of the symptom mentioned above, don’t waste time and immediately take him/her to hospital. Usually you should not delay in such situations.
What you should to avoid or to prevent heart attack
Your eating habits and lifestyle directly affects your health. Follow below steps and you can move towards a better health.

  • Quit Smoking
    When we talk about smoking things comes under as Cigarettes (contains tobacco), hookah etc. Smoking includes inhaling of tobacco or cannabis. Also avoid sitting with the person who smokes. Because inhaling the air which has smoke particles is as much as dangerous then direct smoking.
  • Manage Cholesterol
    Have a check on your cholesterol and blood pressure level. Mainly heart attack is caused due to high cholesterol.
  • What is Cholesterol?
    Cholesterol is made from fat that is found in the cells. Our body needs some amount of cholesterol. Our body needs some cholesterol for hormonal growth and other substances which helps in food digestion. Excess to anything is dangerous, so as high cholesterol. There is no symptoms of high blood cholesterol but it can be diagnosed.Refer below picture for better clarification. What happens when cholesterol take form of plaque in artery.

  • Daily Walk
    Walk, is the easiest way to stay healthy and fit. It is necessary when you are consuming cholesterol rich food. A walk and few simple exercises will help the body to burn out the cholesterol. It doesn’t meant that if you can burn the fat from exercise so you can eat more, absolutely no. The more likely you lose fat there are higher chances to regain it, if you miss the schedule. Try to eat healthy and stay fit.
  • Stay away from Junk and fried food
    The most important thing you should start doing right away. Say No To Fast Food. As they are fried in the oil which is used as it is for the entire day. Sometimes you can also find the oil is burnt till black, and still the fast food joints doesn’t care about it. So you decide what is more important for you, Taste or health.

Note: The information is totally authors view point. You must consult your doctor for reference.

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