Unwanted hair on face, upper lip, hands and legs when seen, it gives embarrassing feeling. It lowers the self confidence of a person. Now a day’s so many treatment comes for hair removing. These methods are quite expensive and they are not sure that hair loosen in particular area will not re-grow again. These all only gives a temporary remedy from hair growth, but we need a permanent solution to shed out those unwanted hair from our body. It shouldn’t be expensive so that everyone can be benefited out of this method. There is a simple home remedy method for removing the hair permanently from occurring. Today in this session I am going to share those simple method used in home to remove your unwanted hair.

Still razors are used to remove the unwanted hair by some people, since it cost less while comparing other methods. Women have trouble in hair removal, they search for the best method of removing unwanted hair. Its a beauty routine too,with all the before methods practiced for hair removal,the hair grows back. Methods like electrolysis and laser treatment for hair removal needs proper medical practitioners to do it effectively. After doing hair removal process generally the skin becomes softer and smooth.

Reasons for UNWANTED Hair Growth

  • Hormonal Imbalances.
  • Some powerful medication that could cause side effects with unwanted hair growth.
  • During pregnancy period.
  • Irregular periods.


We have somany methods for removing unwanted hair permanently, which are costly and everyone cannot afford for it. These methods they do not give you 100% assurance in removing hair permanently. There is regrowth of hair after the process of treatment. You need to run to a parlour, spend huge money for it. Finally the results are not satisfactory and end up with side effect too.


  • Razor
  • Waxing
  • Creams and Lotions.
  • Laser treatment
  • Electrolysis
  • Tweezing

Home remedy method for hair removal

Baby oil-one cup

15ml of Iodine(2%)

Take this ingredients, mix it well in a mixing bowl and keep ready for usage. This can be used immediately no need to wait. First take some amount of this mixture and gently rub on those areas where hair to be removed massage for 2 minutes. Then allow to stand on that area for another 5 minutes, now take a piece of cloth wipe it gently that mixture away from the body. You can repeat this process for few more weeks and after continuous usage you would really wonder, how easily with low cost method done in home removed the hair permanently from occurring. Thus you now get a effective solution for hair removal permanently at a very low cost, so your parlour money is not utilised. So after knowing this simple effective method for removing hair permanently, why wait still, try using this method. Just discover a new silky smooth skin after trying this hair removing method.

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