Learn Types Of Meditation


Meditation: An Exercise For Your Soul

Meditation is sitting while allowing all your thoughts to dissolve. It is an act of giving yourself the mental peace. Some people consider meditation as a task of concentration. However, meditation is far away from concentration. It actually involves not concentrating on anything. Just s

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Chakra meditation

Self Healing through Chakra meditation, De-stress Technique

Need of chakra meditation and how it can be doneAs everyone I’m also into a professional job, working 9 hours a day and 5 days a week. And I can relate to the stress and depression you are facing or going through. All need to do is, start giving yourself some personal time in your own company. Re
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Learn Types of Meditation & Benefits

Lead a stress-free life: Tips for Meditation

Meditation is the realization of oneself and the path to find inner peace. One of the oldest traditions followed all over the world today, Meditation has helped several individuals in self-healing and increasing focus on the important things in life. There are several ways and techniques of meditating. Posture, frame and focus are the key factors to meditate. Distractions will only make the process of healing slow, and in some cases, non-existent.

If you are a novice or wish to learn how to meditate, you can refer to some tips for Medidation and start your self-realization journey. Meditation is the art of living, the art of meeting one with oneself and expanding our thinking capacity from beyond our levels of imagination. Not only does it help you build focus but also de-stress yourself from the worries surrounding your life. Following our tips for Medidation, you will understand the true effectiveness of the art of meditation and how you should do it for best results.

Lead a stress-free life: Learn Types of Meditation

Meditation is the path that can and will guide to leading a life, free of stress and all the worries and tension that seems to pull you down as the weeks turn into months and life goes on. In this busy world, where every avenue asks you to concentrate, focus hard and give your best, I, at Eyogguroo ask you to let go, and to do that, you need to learn types of meditation. Release that tension off your shoulders, and stop concentrating on what’s happening next as you focus on something that’s every bit as important: Yourself.

Before you are able to de-stress and start healing, it’s important that you Learn Types of Meditation that’ll help see you through the entire process. Over the years, meditation as a tool of learning the art of livelihood, has gained its authenticity among its patrons as people have recognized the various forms and techniques to heal and de-stress while not being distracted from their everyday life.

On paper, all this sounds easier said than done but I’m sure that once you go down this path of meditation, you’ll find yourself at ease and feel your spirits soar as you get the peace of mind you need.

Learn Types of Meditation: Third Eye Meditation

Trataka, meditation using your third eye is a technique that may seem initially distant, and difficult to grasp. But once you begin to feel and sense its presence in your mind and what it means to see with it, feel the energy you discover, you’ll certainly feel rewarded and gratified.

During this entire process, think about world beyond ours, about the celestial beings inhabiting the space, feel them radiating energy and feel that energy heal you as I have felt. This is merely a hint of what lies beyond the veil once you indulge in the art of meditating with your third eye.

Learn Types of Meditation: Chakra Meditation

Chakra, or ‘Cakra’ in Sanskrit, in basic terms, means a wheel or a circular disk. In meditation you find that Chakras are the wheels that sustain the flow of energy and spiritual power throughout in us. I know what it feels like to work for hours and not feeling relaxed even after trying all you can to be de-stressed. Chakras, are like any other connective tissues in your body, they are spiritual yet ever present and important. If you are able to keep your Chakras open, then you can keep the energy flowing in your body and let yourself heal naturally without feeling the need to escape from work and duties.

For more information on how to Learn Types of Meditation, especially those I have talked about above, you may click on the corresponding parts and know all about them and more.

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