Need of the hour-Take care of your eyes!

In the world of technology, while it has been a boon in many ways but at the same time human body is the worst which is affected. Every body part is being compromised while using the technology. Though it has worked on many diseases but on the day to day life being sedentary has hit everyone hard! The diseases came into picture after the human health took its back seat!

Eyes are one of the most hit part! Excess strain on the eyes with overuse of gadgets is causing a lot of eye issues.

Eyes helps you in seeing the world but we don’t even take care about it.

Tips to keep your eyes healthy (General) :-

  • Blink properly:- Your eyes take rest on its own, that is by blinking! Whenever you are reading something, we tend to stare at things. Make it a habit, after you read one line- Blink your eyes. If you don’t practice this, your eyes will become dry and tears will vanish which is an eye issue because blinking can keep your eyes moist.
  • Try to minimize your eyelids while staring at a screen, try moving your entire face away from the gadgets in every fraction of a second which will give a rest to your eyes.
  • Try using natural light like sunlight as much as you can.

Tips to keep your eyes healthy (During reading):-

  • Don’t keep your book too close to eyes. Keep enough distance at which you can see the best!
  • Keep the book below your chin so that your eyes can be closed and the vision would be minimal!
  • Keep moving your head and stretch yourself!
  • Keep blinking!
  • Check your reading lights!
  • Check your posture!!
  • Check your posture
  • Never lie down and read, it puts a lot of pressure on your eyes!
  • Normally people read books in a moving vehicle which is not an healthy habit for your eyes!

Tips to keep your eyes healthy (While writing):-

  • Focus yourself when you writing.
  • Concentrate and look at the pen tip while writing.
  • Don’t forget to blink.
  • Don’t write continuously without breaks.
  • Don’t read and write simultaneously.

Tips to keep our eyes healthy (While working on computer):-

  • Maintain your posture.
  • Keep your eyelids low while looking at the screen.
  • Adjust your brightness of the screen which will make your eyes comfortable.
  • Keep some distance between you and use screen (In terms of laptops, adjust your upper part of your screen).
  • Move your eyeballs.
  • Keep moving your eyes from screen and look into a place where there is no gadgets.
  • Stretch yourself well.

Tips to our eyes healthy with healthy meals!

  • Include foods rich in vitamin A in your diet.
  • Include more of spinach and other green leafy vegetables and some carrots too.
  • You can include 1 glass of wheat grass juice everyday in your diet.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink minimum 2.5- 3 liters of water everyday.
  • Pamper your other body parts at least once or twice a day.
  • Stretch yourself everyday.
  • Go for a workout everyday.

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