Asthma is a condition in which the lung airways gets inflamed and swells, also the mucus gets deposited on it on a higher ratio, thereby making it difficult to breath. It is an respiratory disease which needs immediate attention, when this asthmatic condition is not taken a special attention it could end up in respiratory attack with severe wheeze and unable to breath. Asthmatic patients survive with a life saving tool called inhaler, these inhalers are in different types and brands.

Many persons use puff to deliver the medicine, doctors recommend inhalers as the best medicine in asthmatic condition, because the medicine in inhaler reaches directly the lungs and eases in respiration, where else in tablets or pills the medicine reaches the mouth, digestive system and the level of medicine reaching lungs is less and absorption rate of that medicine through pills is also less and even some corticosteroids end up with side effects, so inhalers are highly recommended by doctors and used by this asthmatic patients.

In India 1 million populations each year gets affected to this dreadful disease. Doctors suggest the patients to stay away from the allergy causing substance, foods, chemicals, pollutants, pollen grain of flowers etc. This asthmatic disease can exist for an year or it can remain throughout the life of the patient. Following right medical guidelines and getting treated with the right pulmonologist is required for proper efficiency of asthmatic treatment. This disease is considered as an life threatening condition, yes because respiration gets affected in this disease. There are several types of asthma they are listed below:

  • Child onset asthma
  • Adult onset asthma
  • Exercise induced asthma
  • Occupational asthma
  • Nocturnal asthma
  • Steroid resistant asthma
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Allergic asthma.


Smart Inhalers


Now comes the smart inhalers, this is the leading trend in medical technology we can say, this smart inhalers work on electronic chip basis, The Pro Air Respiclick is the inhaler name this inhaler makes the powder of medicine available to the person on one click and directly delivered to the lungs the medicine thereby helps in ease of breathing. The smart inhalers work on  sensors which keeps on reading the air and it gives an alert when a trigger enters the human system, also they help out in finding whether the inhaler is used properly or not, still many people doesn’t know to properly use the inhalers. Thereby this kind of invention is most welcome and they play an vital role on asthmatic patients treatments.


The benefit of this smart inhaler is they makes us know whether the medication is taken or not for today course. This is beneficial for the treatment giving doctors because this inhaler remain as a proof  that whether the patient takes regular course of medication or not, it indicates it on the device, so such an amazing technological device found in medical field, which would render beneficial treatment in preventing asthmatic conditions. The only drawback is it would cost more when compared to an normal inhaler, Most expensive device but providently beneficial in lessening the asthmatic attacks and saving human lives.

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