Travel Insurance- Your Travel Doctor, Bank & Guide!

You must have noticed that many ticketing companies when book your ticket ask you to take a travel insurance which is inclusive of your traveling cost. Have you ever thought why?? What use will it be? Is it worth the money I am paying? So, here’s your answer!

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Travel to de-stress

Take short breaks to travel around

Travel will make you feel better

Now you must be thinking that how can anyone heal them through traveling. Let me tell you that there other ways as well to heal yourself, to come out from your regular routine, break the monotony and one of them is to travel.Why should one travel?<
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Travel for an Improved and Healthier ‘You’

We all know that healthy food, proper 7-8 hours of  sleep, meditation, etc. are good for your health. But, do you know traveling is equally important for your health! Yes, it is true. Traveling is a vital addition to your list of a healthy lifestyle. Travelling provides various health b

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