In today’s world everyone approach for a low calorie diet, which makes them slim and fit. But here today we are going to discuss something different, the best healthier high calorie foods that we must follow in our diet to gain weight and to keep yourself healthier and stronger.  The particular amount of energy obtained from food item is referred as calorie. Generally low calorie foods supply less energy which keeps you fuller. In low calorie food consumption, the fat stored in body is used to perform several tasks and also there will be weight loss attained, but if this mechanism prolongs and you may lose on weight continuously, then muscle atrophy occurs and finally immunity power is lowered in body. This can also be dangerous to your health. So you may need to switch on consuming high calorie foods that are healthier to your body.

Higher metabolic rate person feels difficult to gain weight. So those who struggle to gain weight can take high calorie foods that are healthier too. Also in weight gaining process never take unhealthy foods like sugary foods to put on weight, which might affect your total body health. People wrongly think that if a food is found with high in calories, which is not healthier choice. According to their mindset low calorie foods are healthier one. If you need to live a disease free condition, active and healthier living then these high calorie foods can do wonder in your body and make you healthy.

10 Amazing healthier high calorie foods

1.Chia seeds


In hundred gram chia seeds we get 480 kilo calories. In simple words chia seeds are said to be the powerhouse of nutrition. There are huge health benefits of chia seeds found. Chia seeds are dense source of calcium, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients. Minimum one hour soaking of these seeds in water is essential to get optimum nutrition from chia seeds; also you can soak this seeds overnight in water.

2.Dark chocolate


Hundred gram of dark chocolate gives 580 kilocalories. The cocoa content is higher in dark chocolate thus making it denser source of calories. Flavonoids and antioxidants are found higher in dark chocolates, thereby that help to get disease free condition. Dark chocolate enhance the mood, because it helps in release of feel good hormones in body, cocoa contain calcium and iron also it enhance the circulation of blood in throughout body.



Hundred gram of quinoa supplies 360 kilo calories. Quinoa is referred as superfood, it is gaining popularity in recent days among public, and people get aware about this food. This quinoa is loaded with healthy fats, protein, slow release carbohydrate and other minerals. You can start your day with quinoa for breakfast or you can have it during lunch times.



Just hundred gram of tahini provides 595 kilo calories, these tahini are prepared from sesame seeds. It is a popular food on Middle East countries. Initially the sesame seeds to be toasted, hulled and then to be grounded to make a paste of it. This tahini is higher in healthy fats, protein and thus making it a much healthier choice of high calorie foods.

5.Dried fruits



Hundred grams of raisins provide 360 kilo calories. Natural sugar is found higher in dried fruits, dry fruits like walnut, raisins, almonds, figs etc are denser source of minerals, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. Try to consume natural dried fruits that are not loaded with any added sugars in it. The excess sugar present in raisins helps to satisfy your craving for sweet, thereby controlling to take less sugar.



One hundred gram of mackerel provides 305 kilo calories, it comes from tuna family. There are 30 species of mackerel found; in mackerel omega 3 fatty acids like EPA is found denser that has anti-inflammatory properties. The DHA is also found higher amount on mackerel, which makes it healthier for brain and nervous system. Protein, vitamin D, calcium, healthy fat is found richer on this; these can be had regularly in your diet to keep your body healthier and protect your heart.

7.Organic coconut oil

coconut oil

Just hundred grams of coconut oil supplies 895 kilo calories to your body, this oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial property in it. The medium chain fatty acids found in organic coconut oil helps in digestion easily. The immune power is enhanced by taking coconut oil, also cardinal strength are boosted. They protect the body from microbial infections.



Hundred grams of avocado supplies 160 kilo calories, it is called as nature’s butter, it has good healthier fats in it. It acts as a natural liver cleanser; it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

9.Dairy products


One hundred gram of dairy product gives 75-120 kilo calories. Products like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese and milk are denser source of calcium, protein and calorie dense one. If you have allergic issues then avoid taking these dairy products otherwise it is a good perfect choice to have in your diet.

10.Peanut butter


One tablespoon of peanut butter provides 100 kilo calories, these butter help out in gaining muscles, fat burning and protect from cardiac diseases. Just you can spread this peanut butter on our toast and have it easily. Healthier high calorie food it is.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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