Pink eye symptoms are very commonly occurring one, in this the conjunctiva or the outer layer which covers the eye get inflamed. The conjunctiva can get easily infected that may lead to the development of conjunctivitis. The other term for pink eye symptom is red eye symptoms, conjunctivitis and madras eye. Pink eye symptoms can occur in either one eye or in both the eyes. This is only a minor level infection occurring on conjunctiva. In some rare cases it can cause severe eye issues. The cause for conjunctivitis is virus, bacteria, cosmetics, pollen, few medicines, dust mites and allergens. Initially these symptoms get spread in one eye then later it may get spread over other eye. There will be huge itching and watery discharge seen when our both eyes get’s affected by this condition.

To reduce the swelling and itching on eyes doctors suggest the patient to take warm or cold compress. The doctor first see’s the severity of conjunctivitis and then he recommends the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. The anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed during viral conjunctivitis, elsewhere antibiotics are recommended during bacterial conjunctivitis. Apart from this there are lots of home remedy methods available, which you can practice at home to get relief from pink eye symptoms.


10 Best Home Remedies For Pink Eye Symptoms


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties; it helps in healing conjunctivitis soon. Turmeric possesses antibiotic effect too which makes it a perfect one to treat conjunctivitis. Prepare eye wash with turmeric mixed in water; give a good wash with this mixture. Also you can prepare warm compress by boiling water and add to it 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, in this soak clean cotton cloth and gently apply on eyes, it has good relief, so just try it out and reduce the severity of red or pink eye symptoms. While doing this remedy close your eyes and do it, since once turmeric powder enters inside of eye, then that would cause irritation. So do this method gently and firmly.


Get fresh honey for this home remedy method, honey posses good anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. So safe application of honey can be done surrounding the eye region. The irritation on eye can be lowered by using honey and also inflammation gets soothed. In conjunctivitis condition, honey lowers the swelling, pus discharge and redness of eye, you can apply honey 4 times in one day to get good result and that would lower the swelling too. You can take two cups of boiling water, to this add three teaspoon of honey, mix well and allow it to cool, then you may apply this surrounding the eye region, it is a wonderful remedy, use it and stay benefited.

3.Holy basil leaves

Get fresh basil leaves to treat the pink eye symptoms; the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory property of holy basil leaves makes it a good healer on conjunctivitis condition. Holy basil leaves are nothing but tulsi leaves. Prepare tea out of tulsi leaves and have this tea or you may eat the tulsi leaves directly as such daily until you attain cure, this is good for eye health. Also you can soak tulsi leaves in two tablespoon of honey and use this solution as eye wash; this has an effective cure, so just try it out.

4.Aloe Vera

The best effective home remedy method in treating conjunctivitis is using aloe Vera; aloe Vera has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral property. Aloe Vera gel contains ethanol and ethyl acetate these compounds are found in eye drops, hence these plant extracts has wonderful healing power on pink eye symptoms, the gel of aloe Vera or juice of it can be used in healing the symptoms easily, just apply this aloe gel around your eyelids or eyes. The harmness of UV rays can be prevented from entering eyes by washing the eyes with aloe Vera juice well, it has good cooling effect and reduces the irritation and itching on eyes, thus it soothes well.


Chamomile posses’ good medicinal property, also the astringent property of chamomile makes it perfect choice in healing conjunctivitis. To reduce irritation you can prepare chamomile tea and soak the cotton on it and place on eyes, it is good remedy.


If you have allergic conjunctivitis, then apply 1 drop of eye bright for 5 times in a day, it will reduce the infection level on eye and the watery eyes can be reduced. In boiling water add eyebright and allow it to boil for 10 minutes, then you can soak cotton on this mixture and apply gently on eyes.


Coriander had good anti-microbial and antioxidant property, when the juice of dried coriander leaf is used as an eye wash, it has the power to get rid of swelling, discharge of fluids, pain and burning sensation on eyes.


In traditional medicine fennel extracts are used to treat conjunctivitis; fennel extracts contain antioxidant and anti-microbial property. These helps in fighting against the eye infection effectively. You can boil water well, to it add fennel seeds and then cool it and use them as eye wash.


The astringent property found in potato helps to reduce the inflammation, avoid the infection on eyes, slice the potato and apply it on affected eye, do it continuously especially in night times for faster healing from pink eye symptoms.


Cucumber as we all know it good for eyes, it posses anti-inflammatory property which helps in treating conjunctivitis. You may just slice cucumber and place it on eyes for 20 minutes, then remove it. It is an excellent remedy in healing red eye symptoms.

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