10 Best Super foods to live healthy

Today we are going to discuss with you about ten super foods that you should eat every day so that you can stay healthy. These foods are full of nutrients and their consumption keeps the body healthy, keeps immune system is strong in the body, the skin remains shiny and the hair remains strong. It may be that you are already eating some of these food items, but if you are not eating then start consuming them from today.

So know which superfoods make your body healthy:


Avocado does not just contain mono-specific fatty acids, but also contains many nutrients and contains elements that make the heart safe. They contain soluble fiber, vitamin-E, and potassium.


Experts believe that broccoli has nutrients that help in fighting diseases and make the body healthy. Its consumption also decreases the risk of heart diseases and cancer.


Who says that the egg is harmful? Egg contains many nutrients and contains plenty of antioxidants. Egg intake is less likely to lead to diarrhea. By eating three eggs a week, the body remains healthy. If you want, you can eat one egg each day.


If you consume cream free milk every day, your body will always be healthy. According to the study, calcium in the milk is in great quantity, which strengthens the bones of the body.

Walnuts / Almonds / Pistachios / Cashews:

Be sure to consume nuts to keep the body healthy. It contains large amounts of omega 3, antioxidant and healthy oils, which keep the hair and skin healthy. According to the research, if nuts are consumed every day, then the risk of heart disease decreases and there is no Sugar disease.


Dermatologists often use fish oil to care for skin care. If you start using fish oil every day, then your skin will be shiny. Salmon also decreases extra fats in the body. Salmon contains large amounts of Vitamin D and Omega 3.


If you want to eat a meal that does not have fat and it also keeps your body healthy, eat tofu. By mixing it with soya milk, it also brings strength to the body. Soya keeps the heart healthy. It contains large amounts of fiber and also contains many types of vitamins. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer due to its intake.


Experts believe that cereal porridge gives strength to the body and protects against heart diseases. According to a new survey, if you consume oats every day, you lose the chances of having diabetes 2.

Olive oil:

Olive oil contains low amounts of cholesterol. It does not cause fat in the body due to its intake and there are also many dangerous and serious diseases. There is also a very healthy amount of Mufa.


Curd in every corner of India. Yoghurt must be eaten every day. By eating it, the body comes in strength and the immune system also increases. You must eat low-fat yogurt.

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