10 Tips to keep the skin soft and glowing this winter

The skin of human being is the outer layer of the whole body, our skin consist of seven denser layers in it. Mammals also have similar to human skin. The largest part of our body is skin; it gives huge protection to our human system.

The color of skin may vary from dark brown to light hue.  Pigmentation in skin is due to genetic issues. In winter we need to pay extra attention to our skin, going outside has to be limited, since our skin becomes dry and tighter due to chillness in weather and low humidity. Cracks in skin are results of winter season. Where your skin goes to flaky and cracks in it. Eczema can result finally due to harmful effects of winter season, why your skin turns frostbite.

Soft and glowing skin in winter

Though the winter climate is enjoyable and most expected by every one of us, but it has more negative effects on skin. In this session we will discuss on what are the safety measures that to be practiced to protect your skin on winter season, thus enhancing your beauty. It is a perfect skin care guide that is must be followed in this winter season.

Let’s have a look at the tips to follow on this winter.

  • Choose oil based moisturizers made from avocado, primrose or almonds. Petroleum jelly can also be used during winter season, it is quite less in price and very good for cracked heels, chapped lips, dry cheeks and sore eyelids.
  • Gentle exfoliation to your skin is required; you can use salicylic acid based cleansers for removing dead skins and impurities on skin. This exfoliation of skin on winter season may be painful a little, but a must required process to cleanse up your skin.
  • Due to snow glare in winter season our skin get’s sun burn, so you need to apply a sunscreen lotion on the face, nose cheeks and eye surrounding region requires extra sunscreen lotions in order to protect from winter.
  • Try to avoid soaps; you can use a soap free sanitizer or wipes to cleanse your skin. Choose moisturizer which is alcohol free. If more dirt’s are seen on skin you can use hot water to clean up. Extreme dirt level with muds on skin can be cleaned using mild soap with less lather in it.
  • Avoid detergents with huge fragrance and higher chemicals in it. Skin sensitivity is easily seen on winter season, so using harmful detergents with higher fragrance and chemicals has to be restricted, choose mild detergents for laundry purpose, in order to protect your skin and stay healthier.
  • Winter season brings easily infectious diseases, since our immune system need to work double time to safe guard from microbes. That’s why cold, cough and pneumonia are commonly found during this period. How healthy you are is reflected on your skin. Your diet should be from healthy food choices. A pinkish colour on your skin is seen during winter, due to its extreme weather.

soft skin this winter

  • Warm clothes to be worn like scarf, gloves and socks. Woollen fabrics are wonderful clothes for winter. If your sensitivity to woollen fabrics, then what you have to do is just wear soft cotton clothes which are thinner, then above to it you need to wear woollen clothes. It would be perfect now. Free from itching and redness of skin.
  • For bathing prefer to have lukewarm water. Hot water will remove our skin’s natural moisture and oil level, so prefer to use lukewarm water especially your face requires it a lot. Immediately after using hot shower on winter, your skin is highly exposed to cold air that may not be healthier for your skin, that’s why you need to use lukewarm water to wash and bath, then without delay you need to apply a moisturizer on the skin, to protect it.
  • Humidifier is must in winter period. It gives the warmth and protects our skin from too cold weather by providing hot air throughout. Moisture level will be good on air once you start to install a humidifier at your house. After placing humidifier your breathing difficulty will come to an end, that’s it, is a good boom for asthmatic patients.
  • The acne treatment, if you’re taking must be stopped for a while, compounds like benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid based acne products must be completely avoided, since they cause skin irritation, harshness over skin leading to itching. Flakiness on the skin surface is also seen due to it. That’s why on this particular season you should avoid acne treatment.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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