Skipping exercise is a best workout, you know it has multiple health benefits, it burns fat well. Thus it is considered as a good fat burning workout. In our busy days if you prefer to do an easy full body workout, then do skipping. It is high intensity workout which does goodness to the whole body. Many celebrities do skipping regularly in their daily routine without fail, by knowing the importance of doing it. If you want to reduce your tummy, then skipping is the ideal one to perform. It helps in toning lower and upper body muscles. Core strengthening can also get from skipping. Well trained fitness expert’s advice to do skipping exercise minimum for fifteen minutes, the results of running you get from skipping. While compared to running, skipping exercise is the best one. Here you burn lot of calories easily.


13 ways by which skipping exercise helps to remain fit, disease free and healthier-

1.Weight loss

If you easily want to burn calories and reduce your weight then do skipping exercise on daily basis. Thirty minute skipping in a day can help you out to burn averagely 400 calories. To aid in faster weight loss skipping helps a lot. In running there will be knee damage occur, but in skipping it can be prevented.

2.Heart rate is enhanced

The heart rate is improved on doing skipping exercise, it is a best cardio workout, by doing it your heart remains healthier throughout. The oxygenated blood get’s circulated throughout the body by doing skipping. Thus the functioning of heart is enhanced and makes it effective to function. The stamina level in our body is increased on doing skipping exercise regularly.

3.Muscle toning

Skipping exercise tones up your muscles, it tones both upper and lower body muscles. Thus muscle endurance is attained and muscles get strengthened to perform several tasks on human body. So do skipping regularly to get good muscle toning.

4.Skin health

Skipping exercise has a wide role on your skin health and skin maintenance. Regular exercise through skipping helps to get a beautiful and flawless skin. Skipping exercise helps to enhance the supply of oxygenated blood throughout the body. The toxins are removed out from our body and it supplies the nutrients to the skin, by doing so you can get a well nourished skin which glows naturally.

5.Increases agility, balance and coordination

Agility, balance and coordination are improved by doing skipping daily without fail. Even boxers, tennis players, celebrities and athletes perform this skipping exercise on their daily routine by knowing the importance of skipping.

6.Full body workout

In today’s faster life the time is very less, which makes people difficulty to visit gym and do workout. Hence skipping can be ideal one to provide you a full body workout. It is a good stress buster too. Just fifteen minutes of skipping a day can provide multiple health benefits to our human body.

7.Body density gets enhanced

Your bone density is improved by performing skipping exercise, also osteoporosis can be prevented by doing skipping. In osteoporosis your bones become weaker and fragile. This makes it easy for the bones to get fracture. As we get older, the bone mass decreases. In females especially after 35 ages, the bone mass lowers and chances of getting osteoporosis increases. Menopausal women get this problem found commonly. Doing skipping exercise increases the bone strength and makes it stronger. But people those who already suffer from osteoporosis should avoid this skipping exercise. Because that may worsen the condition.

8.Hip flexor muscles are improved

The hip flexor muscles are engaged by doing skipping exercise, thus it is improved well. To shape them well and strengthen the hip flexor muscles nicely you need to do skipping exercise regularly without missing.

9.Endurance and stamina level gets enhanced

For the first time when you do skipping exercise, you find it difficult to do it. But later on after daily practice of skipping, you could skip a lot. Also the body stamina and endurance power is enhanced by doing skipping regularly. If you want to strengthen and keep your body fit enough then you should choose skipping exercise in your daily routine.

10.High intensity program

Sports person and athletes need high intensity workout, so skipping can provide it. The maximum calories are burned out on doing skipping exercise, which further helps to get lean body mass.

11.Leg muscles get toned up

By simply doing skipping; you can strengthen your leg muscles. Skipping also will improve the endurance level on leg muscles. Thus shape up your leg muscles easily by doing skipping regularly without missing.

12.Mental health enhancement

Skipping exercise on regular basis can keep you physically and mentally fit enough. The cognitive functions are improved well on doing skipping exercise. Stress level is lowered on doing skipping.


While compared with other workouts, skipping exercise is most affordable one. It is an easy way and not an expensive workout, which can be done easily at home. If you want to lower your tummy then do skipping. Try to wear the correct shoes to do skipping exercise; also skipping should not be done on very hard floors. That might cause injury on skipping.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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