If you are looking to lose weight this summer, you are going to want to read this article! Many people plan to lose weight before the summer begins, but you must remember you cannot accomplish everything at once.

Weight loss should always be a slow process, regardless of how few weeks are left until beach season.

Keep reading below to find out some simple tips for improving your body for the summer!

Summer Weight Loss Tip 1: Drink Much More Water!

Drink water- Weight Loss

Many people believe that cutting calories is the first step to losing weight, but this is not necessarily true. Especially if you are planning to lose weight in a warmer climate, you are going to need to make sure you are hydrated.

Drinking more water has many beneficial effects on your health, not only for weight loss.

If you are looking to shed a few pounds, water is essential as well.

One of the best ways you can use water to help you lose weight is to drink one or two cups of cold water on an empty stomach, as soon as you wake up.

Not only will this help jump start your metabolism, but it will help your digestive system “wake up” from the start of your day.

Staying hydrated is an effortless way to keep your metabolism functioning at peak efficiency, and there is no better way to stay hydrated than drinking more water!

Summer Weight Loss Tip 2: Fasted State Cardio!

cardio- weight loss

Before you start cutting calories from your diet, you should make sure that you are properly exercising as well. Although going to the gym and weight training is the best weight loss solution for summer, fasted state cardio is an excellent option as well.

Fasted cardio is a great option for many people because it is less strenuous than other forms of exercise, and only needs to be as intense as a 30-45-minute walk in the morning!

To perform fasted state cardio, all you need to do is perform light to moderate intensity cardio exercise on an empty stomach, directly after waking up.

You should do your best to eat your last meal earlier in the evening as well, so you have as close to 16 hours of “fasting” time between meals.

The benefit of this is that your body can preferentially burn fat, without having to exercise overly intensely.

Personally, I suggest you walk around your neighborhood!

Fasted cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat for the summer, and it can make a quick impact on your body!

Summer Weight Loss Tip 3: Cut 500 Calories from Your Daily Diet!

Weight loss diet

Dieting can be exceptionally difficult for many people, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, you can accomplish all your weight loss goals simply but reducing your daily diet by 500 calories!

500 calories aren’t much more than excluding two or three sugary snacks, or a couple of slices of pizza!

For most people, reducing their daily caloric intake by 500 calories should be very easy!

The reason you should start with limiting your diet by only this much is that you can then take ample time to determine how you want your diet to look like. Some people will need to focus more on their ratio of macronutrients, while others simply need to eat less food.

If you start by trying to eat as little as possible, it is likely that you will burn-out and not be able to sustain your diet.

The diet of foods you eat is supposed to compliment your training schedule, and it is not your only way to lose weight.

After a couple of weeks of developing a steady diet, you will find it much easier to fine-tune your eating habits to lose weight this summer!

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Tips to Lose Weight This Summer

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Even if you have waited until the last minute to reveal your beach body, it is not too late! Within just one month you can easily make all the changes in your body that you are dreaming of, it is not a problem at all!

The first step is that you want to keep your body hydrated because this will help your metabolism work at its peak capacity.

After this, add a suitable amount of exercise. Not everyone has the physical capacity for intense workouts, but everyone can start somewhere!

After you have begun to train regularly, develop a stable diet that suits you well.

Once you have done all three of these things, I am confident you will see your beach-body revealed in no-time at all!

There are many other tips you can use to lose weight for the summer time; these are just a few I believe to be simple and effective for everyone!

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