5 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric, You should know

Turmeric belongs to ginger family Zingiberaraceae, the native of turmeric belongs to Southeast Asia and India. Turmeric is also called by the name yellow spice of India. It is used widely in food, cosmetics, dyeing, healing and colouring. In the entire world this turmeric is considered as the very essential spice. The Harappa civilization people only first cultivated this spice; it is referred as “The Golden Spice of Our Life”. Turmeric rhizome will be in yellowish orange colour. This turmeric has huge colouring property; even a drop of turmeric juice has that much dyeing power in it. Turmeric is such a wonderful spice which is highly beneficial to human beings.

List of Turmeric usage

  • Medicinal usage
  • Food
  • Cosmetic usage
  • Ayurvedic usage
  • Colouring agent

1.Medicinal usage

The active ingredient found in turmeric is Curcumin; this has the huge therapeutic properties. Several disorders like digestive, liver, skin, cancer and in wound healing this turmeric helps in treating them more effectively. To digest the food properly, this turmeric helps a lot, when you have bloating that time also this turmeric can be taken and you may get relief soon. If you’re having liver problems this turmeric acts as a wonderful natural remedy. The problems like cirrhosis, hepatitis and jaundice can be treated well by this golden spice. It strengthens the liver, improves the level of liver to digest the fat well. Cancer can be treated well by using turmeric in diet, especially if you’re having skin cancer this turmeric spice when applied externally or taken internally helps in cure of it.


Turmeric has the power to prevent the deposit of fat on the walls of arteries. Thus preventing the stroke and heart attack. Thus arthrosclerosis is treated well by the regular usage of turmeric in diet. The osteoarthritis symptoms can be minimized by strengthening the joints and reducing the pain naturally. Two weeks before the start of regular menstrual cycle, you need to take turmeric powder twice a day in your daily diet, then during the menstruation you will not suffer from menstrual cramps, the pain on stomach will be reduced and it gives a good relief. For healing wounds this spice remains as an excellent home remedy, even if you have any infections that can be treated well by this spice, both bacterial and viral infections. The eye disorders can be prevented on regular intake of turmeric in diet. In eczema, psoriasis, acne, colitis, diarrhea, crown’s disease and in post typhoid conditions, this turmeric acts as an excellent medicine for healing.


Indians use this turmeric at the start up of cooking, while frying onions, tomatoes, that time this turmeric is added, during stir frying Curcumin from turmeric is released. Golden milk, I hope many of us prepare it in our home, it is a refreshing drink prepared from turmeric, which is good in eradicating away cold, flu, cough and arthritis. Though this spice is believed to be popularly used by Indians, it is widely used in many American recipes; Americans preferably use this spice in preparation of popcorn, processed cheeses, butter, yellow cake and in mustard.


Advieh is an Iran spice mix made from turmeric, thus in Iranian cuisine also this spice used as primary one in cooking. The mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper with turmeric is the advieh. The absorption of curcumin in body is enhanced by mixed cooking turmeric along with pepper and in either coconut oil or olive oil. Curcumin has plenty health benefits, that we would really get it when used in our cooking process.


What are ways turmeric can be incorporated in diet?

  • Try to use it on soup preparations.
  • During cooking rice you can simply add this spice, so that the wellness of turmeric is attained easily.
  • While preparing scrambled eggs, you can add little turmeric powder and prepare the dish.
  • While preparing smoothies of your choice, you can add little turmeric powder to it.
  • During frying or cooking vegetables you can add this spice.
  • Prepare the extraordinary golden milk with this amazing spice and relish its health benefits naturally.
  • While preparing green leafy vegetables you can add little of this spice and cook it gently.
  • Also the other way is prepare tea made with this spice.
  • In non-vegetarian preparation, during washing of all non-vegetarian foods this spice is used, since it has a strong anti-microbial power.

This turmeric has a bitter flavour with ginger or orange essence of fragrance in it. In spite of saffron, which is a costlier one, this turmeric can be used to add colour to your favorite foods.

3.Cosmetic Usage

During preparation of plenty of cosmetics this turmeric is widely used, but generally from the olden days to now this spice is used to enhance the skin tone of the girl, on direct application of this turmeric to the skin. It gives a glow, improves the complexion, and reduces the blemishes. Thus makes the skin look bright.


Turmeric has the higher anti-inflammatory power, which can cleanse your skin, helping in treating scars, acne, wrinkles and free from blemishes. Stretch marks and skin pigmentation can be treated well with this magic spice; you can prepare a mask with raw milk, turmeric, gram flour and honey. This mask helps in treating acne effectively. The wrinkles in skin is prevented by regular usage of turmeric, it is a much proved result from Japanese scientist. Turmeric has a good bleaching power, which makes the skin look fairer, glowing and reducing the skin tan. If you want to enhance the skin’s fairness then try the turmeric night creams, it has good results. The cream can be prepared by using almonds, turmeric, curd, lime juice, sandal wood powder and saffron. If you have cracks on your feet then that can be well treated by using turmeric. This amazing spice acts as a natural exfoliation agent, thus removing your dead cells from skin.


Thus by knowing the beneficial uses of turmeric, cosmetics are made out of it and used in several forms like lotions, creams, masks, powders, soaps, oils and in gels.

4.Ayurvedic usage

In cooking using turmeric is one of the easiest way to incorporate this spice, it can substitute the pharmacy definitely with its plenty of health usage. You can simple take 1tsp of turmeric powder mixed along with honey, warm water or warm milk and get enormous health benefits to your whole body. In ayurvedic this spice is used in therapeutic and cosmetics, it has the power to detox the blood and skin thoroughly. In ayurveda to enhance digestion, treat allergy, lower the blood cholesterol, enhance the immunity function and to cleanse the liver, blood this turmeric is highly recommended by ayurvedic practitioners. Simply we can say turmeric is safe food and a must food to be taken in and to be used on external application without fail.


 5.Colouring agent

Turmeric is a natural colouring agent, in food it is used as a natural food colour, also in clothes for colouring it act as a natural dyeing agent. Thus turmeric remain as a excellent vegetable dyeing agent, because of it quicker colouring property it is used widely in both dyeing of clothes and for food colouring.


Thus by knowing the healing power of turmeric, I hope everyone will try to have it surely in your diet, get the extraordinary benefits of turmeric by the application of this spice on skin and stay protected. The above shared information will definitely remain useful to the readers and please support us by giving your comments below. Stay healthy through eating healthy choices of food.

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