You must have inculcated loads of bad habits over the course of time. We don’t realize that these bad habits are extremely harmful and can result in the deterioration of our health. Excessive drinking and smoking, a stressful life, unhealthy lifestyles are some of the factors that are responsible for the worsening of our health conditions. Some people are turning to healthier habits and improved lifestyle. However, it is not easy to turn to healthier habits as the bad habits seem to be extremely tempting at times.

But according to the great saying ‘If there is a will, there is always a way.’ It means that if you really wish to do something, no can hinder you from accomplishing the job.  So, if you want to really inculcate healthier habits, nobody can stop you. Here, I present 5 simple lifestyle hacks if followed diligently can work wonders for you.

You can find a big difference in your health few weeks’ time if you follow these simple lifestyle hacks –

1.Water is indispensable


You must have heard this before that no substance in this world can replace the benefits of drinking a glass of water. One of the best lifestyle hacks ever, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water detoxifies your body. Alternatively, you can try drinking lemon water which can help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Needless to say, adding lemon to water gives flavor and isn’t as boring as drinking water.  Water, on the one hand improves your skin and on the other hand keeps you hydrated throughout the day. The end result is a soft and supple skin and at the end of the day. Who does not want a soft and moisturized skin? No matter how much tough drinking might be for you, don’t drop this habit.

2.Taking deep breaths – A secret to improve your health

Deep Breathing

We often don’t give importance to our breathing and we don’t even realize that breathing can be a way to improve your health. When we remain occupied at office with some work or at home with some household chores, we tend to give more importance to the work and do not pay attention to our breathing. This is the reason why we either suffer from shortness of breath of irregular patterns of breathing. It might sound a bit crazy but if you take deep breaths every now and then, it can be a real booster. Deep breathing will not only improve your health but it can also help you relax.  Practice this and see the difference yourself.

3.Eating Healthy Food- A way towards improving health

eating healthy food

Don’t fall into the clutches of junk food. Although they are very tempting but eating them for a long time will certainly take a toll on your body. Its high time now and you should get rid of this bad habit of eating junk food every now and then. After all, our age is increasing and we are getting older day by day. So, we should think of improving our health by indulging into better habits like eating healthy food at home, work or school.  Instead of relying on those junks, it is better to pack healthy food like nuts and fruits. It will certainly help you lose those extra pounds and improve your health.  Additionally, it will fill you up with loads of positive energy that you have never imagined before.

4.Yoga and Exercises- A must have in your daily routine

yoga and exercise

Do you feel dreaded whenever you think about hitting a gym?  Due to a hectic lifestyle, most of us hit the gym at the dead end of the day either while returning from workplace or school and this is the worst experience ever. When already you feel like a dead man, hitting a gym seems to be the worst nightmare.  But no need to drag yourself to gym and feel more exhausted. You can stay in shape with just 30 minutes of exercising. It is only a great way to tone your body but it also helps in the blood circulation. You tend to feel stronger and healthier than before.  So, why pay a hefty membership fees when you can practice yoga from the comforts of your home. But remember, to stay fit and to improve your health, you should do it regularly. Skipping the yoga routine is not going to help you at all.

5.Taking stairs instead of escalators or lifts

taking stairs

Last but not the least, one great hack that you should not ignore is taking the staircase instead of the lift or the escalators.  Wherever you go out, make it a point to avoid the lift. If you take the stairs instead, you will get a chance to exercise and elevate your energy levels. This in turn will help improve your health.

Our lifestyle has been changing drastically. We have started to adopt unhealthier habits unknowingly, which can be a cause of worry in the long run. Hence as they say prevention is better than cure, we should also try to follow some lifestyle hacks that can take care of our health.  After all, nobody wants to compromise with health.  Above mentioned are some simple lifestyle hacks for you. If followed properly will give you the best results.

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