Top 5 surprising foods your dentist never suggest

We all are aware of the fact that candies give us cavities while the wines leave stains behind. But what we all don’t know is that there are still many other foods which can create a mess with our teeth. To make sure that you become of those foods, here are the health-related details on the following –

Sunflower Seeds

Not that the seed is an issue but the hull creates the real problem here. As per the expert dentist, the hard outer shell which people try to break causes the real damage. There are many patients who face this issue, therefore, whenever you want a protein-packed snack, it is better to go for hulled seeds.

Ice Cubes

The very moment you keep an ice cube in your mouth, it becomes the worst nightmares of all time for your tooth enamel. The fact that the tooth enamel and the ice cubes are both made up of crystals make them hate each other. Experts verify this by saying that whenever you push two crystals, one out of the two will surely break.

Flavored Waters

Even if it says that the flavoring is sugar-free, it still doesn’t guarantee to be acid-free. There are some of the flavored waters which carry citric acid in them. This acid is the most common enemy of enamel as it leads to the corrosion of enamel and once it gets worn away, it will never be back.  Once this protective layer is eroded, your teeth will only be left behind not only for cavities or decay but also for chips and sensitivity.

Dried Fruit

It is true that dried fruits are completely full of vitamins and fiber but still, there are various cons to it. When the water is pulled out from a fruit, it becomes dehydrated and only concentrated sugar and acid is left behind. This makes the fruit become a lot stickier. Dried fruits like raisins and dried cherries can hold to your crevices present in the teeth. All this while, the bacteria present in your mouth will feast on that sugar which has deposited and will produce acid which will cause cavities by dissolving your enamel.

Gummy Vitamins

Every one of us thinks that gummies are okay but these sweet and gluey vitamins aren’t healthy for our teeth but more harmful like a candy. Therefore, instead of that chewable vitamin or the liquid versions are recommended as alternatives. Just take a few drops of these alternatives and add them to your food.

Final Words –

By now, we feel that you all have become highly aware of the “top five surprising foods your dentist doesn’t want you to eat”. Also, this does not hold or leave any point for arguments because no one would prefer to mess around with his or her health. Happy chewing!

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