Ovarian cancer is too dangerous one, it occurs in women but it remains as an asymptomatic one. It is difficult to diagnose easily that a women gets this ovarian cancer. It is found that in each year more than twenty thousand of women are affected by this ovarian cancer. Most women never think over of this, they just ignore even if any of the symptoms of this dangerous disease occurs on them. Most symptoms of this disease are ignored by them, because of this diagnosing of the condition gets delayed, also right treatment for this disease cannot be given at correct time. So it makes the condition worsen.

The occurrence of this type cancer is very common now a day, it is found easily on American females. According to a survey every one or two women in hundred women get affected by this cancer in United States.

If at all you get any 2 symptoms or all symptoms of this cancer together, then don’t delay to meet the doctor and get proper treatment.

5 signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer

1.Persistent pelvic pain

If your stomach pain more frequently without the reason for periods, then don’t ignore it. Also that pain is too sharp and you get severe tummy ache means it can be a sign of ovarian cancer. First you need to test the condition at the initial stage itself, so that the spread of cancer can be prevented. Pelvic pain can be due to infection in stomach or may also be due to other reason, but if the pain is too frequent and occurs persistent without any proper cause then you’re in the need to take treatment from an expertise physician.

2.Constipation & Bloating

Constipation and bloating which occurs more often even though if you’re eating right pattern of diet,  you need to think over that when you’re intake is good and not an faulty diet, just get a reason for it. But the difficult thing is that bloating is experienced too frequently, that can be due to the growth of cancerous cells in ovary. That gives you a fuller feel but it is really a bad sign, which need to be diagnosed and taken appropriate treatment in the initial stage of ovarian cancer.

3.Loss of Appetite and Increase in Nausea

Loss of appetite and feeling of vomiting can be a symptom of ovarian cancer, this symptom will occur too often because of this you starts losing your appetite and gets nausea very often. If ovarian cancer spreads over all and it affects the bowel system, because of it, it starts to work improperly. So when you get this symptoms very commonly, then please never ignore it and think like it is an commonly occurring one, it is a bit serious one and needed to take immediate medical attention without fail.

4.Very often needing to pee

If you feel urinating too frequently than usual then don’t ignore it, it can be a warning sign of ovarian cancer. When your urinary bladder gets fuller level easily, because of that you tend to urinate more often, but all this are due to the tumor growth which makes it to feel urinating, because of the pushing of tumor in bladder region. So on getting such a symptom immediately consult a well known physician and take necessary steps.

5.Irregular periods

All of these days till now your period cycle are normal and it comes without any delay, but after the problem of ovarian cancer, irregular periods arise and because of that you may miss your periods. It may vary from person to person, periods will get delayed or missed or it may occur after a while, all this are an indication of tumor growth in your ovary.

You know menopause can increase the risk of ovarian cancer, so the risk for cancer on ovaries is higher during menopause times. Test like trans vaginal ultra sound and CA-125 blood test are used to detect the cancer on ovary. In this test ultrasound wand is putted inside the vaginal region, by doing so uterus, Fallopian tube and ovary can be screened and examined well to diagnose the cancerous growth of ovary region.

There are other warning symptoms of this dangerous disease they are sudden weight gain or weight loss without any cause. Too frequently getting tiered easily though not straining much to do any works. You also get the satiety value higher, because of that you can’t eat well; the food intake gets reduced afterwards. So these types of cancerous growth are lately only identified because of the commonest symptoms of it. So hereafter when you get to come any such symptoms take prior treatment without fail.

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