This barnyard millet is seen widely in Uttaranchal region, this type of millet is grown on mountain areas. It grows faster, it taste similar to broken rice, and thereby it is also called as Santa rice. Generally millets have nutty flavour and natural sweetness in it to little extent. Your digestion gets improved on consuming these millets on your diet. It is highly nutritious and also it is a wholesome grain. In Tamil this millet is named as kuthiraivally, in Hindi it is called as Jhangora, in Kannada it is called by the name Oodhalu, in Telungu it is called Udhalu and in Malayalam it is called as Kuthiraivally.

Barnyard millet has huge amount of dietary fibre, the carbohydrate are found less in it and also the digestion rate of this millet is slow thus suitable for diabetic patients. The rice grains are produced very faster, that is within 45 days from sowing seeds. But the weather should be optimum and ideal for its growth. These millets are white in colour and tiny in size, belongs to family of millet, these millets are consumed during navarathris. There are so many varieties of barnyard millet are found. There is a particular season for the growth and harvesting of the crop, like in Uttaranchal on April to May. In Tamil nadu on September to October. The macronutrients are densely found in this type millet.

Nutritive value of barnyard millet

Hundred grams of this millet provides about 13.6 gram of fibre, 280 gram of phosphorous, 4.2 milligram of niacin, 3.7 gram of minerals. B-vitamins are found plenty in this type of millets, especially vitamin-B3. The dietary fibre content is high in this type millet and thus suitable for those who are suffering from constipation. It provides 378 calories per 100 gram of millet. Fat is 4 percent, protein is seen 11 percentage and water-9%.

One serving of this barnyard millet provides 1.5 gram of protein and 75 calories.

barnyard millet

Health Benefits of Barnyard Millet

  • Controls blood sugar level

Barnyard millet has low glycemic index, the presence of higher amount of dietary fiber in it and lower amount of carbohydrate in this millet make it perfect food for diabetics, not only to diabetic people also people with cardiovascular diseases can take this type millet in their diet.

  • Aids in weight loss

The dietary fiber present in this millet is higher than other grains and millets, thereby making the person who have it on their diet, feel fuller, hunger pangs are controlled and naturally it helps in weight management. Thus it is a boom for obese people, so you can start including this millet regularly in your diet and stay benefited.

  • Free from gluten

Those who are allergic to wheat, they can consume this millet, since it is free from gluten, thus it is recommended for irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease. If you cannot tolerate gluten level in your diet then you can very well take this type millet, these millets are available now everywhere, just you can simply replace your rice, wheat with this barnyard millet.

  • Rice source of iron

To form hemoglobin iron is required for our body, barnyard millet are rich source of iron, so if your deficient with iron then take it regularly this millet on your diet and see your hemoglobin level improvement on blood. In vegetarian sources this millet occupies major role in providing iron.

  • Calorie is less

This type millet is low in calories, thus supplying body required energy and making the consumed person to feel light, when you start consuming less calorie foods, the fat stored in our body already gets used up to obtain required energy, thus the accumulation of fat in body is avoided. Thus those who on weight reduction program can take this type of food and stay benefited out.

  • Lowers cholesterol

By taking this millet regularly on your diet the triglyceride level on blood is decreased and bad cholesterol level is reduced thus helps in maintaining your heart health, thus protecting from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Strengthens bones

Higher level of calcium present in this barnyard millet helps to calcify your bone and strengthen it; also your teeth get strengthened.

  • Prevents constipation

The high level of dietary fibre present in this millet helps to prevent the onset of constipation, gives good bowel movements and aids naturally in proper excretion. Thus cleanse up the colon. Also you can strengthen your gut on regular intake of this millet in your diet without fail.

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