We retire to our homes after toiling throughout the day. The place which is the safest and gives us solace and peace of mind is our home. So, we intend our homes to be perfect. However, what we think we fail to transform it in reality. Sometimes, we ignore considering the ancient science of architecture while constructing our house. The consequence of the same is the house is made without following the rules of Vaastu. Vaastu non-complaint houses can give rise to a plethora of problems starting from violence, misfortune, turmoil and frustration.

So, at the time of investing our hard-earned money in purchasing any property or house, always go for Vaastu complaint houses. Be cautious while you purchase the property. Needless to say, the science related to construction and architecture have been followed for ages and people hold a huge belief too. However, even if you know that Vaastu is important but there are high chances of getting confused of which one to incorporate as Vaastu revolves around thousands of ideas.

However, these 5 important Vaastu tips if kept in mind will help you keep your house Vaastu complaint. One more benefit if you follow Vaastu rules while constructing your house is if you would like to resale your home, you would observe an abrupt hike in the resale price of the property as in our country, most of us prefer Vaastu-complaint properties.

1.Pooja of the Bhoomi


Bhoomi Puja means worshipping the earth. On the day, you lay the first brick for the construction of your home, you should also consider worshipping the earth or bhoomi. Now, your mind has hundreds of questions regarding the necessity of this puja but don’t feel astonished to know that to usher a peaceful and happy journey, the puja is immensely needed. Although, you might have to shed some extra penny for it, but after all you are doing it for your own betterment and peaceful life.

2.The Main Entrance to Your Home


According to the laws of eternity, the sun rises in the East and that is why we pray to The Sun God facing towards East.  The first step towards a Vaastu compliant house is constructing the main entrance facing the East direction.

If the entrance faces the East, you will experience an influx of positive energy and a surge of happiness in your house. On the one hand, as mentioned, East facing main entrance is considered to be very auspicious however, on the other hand, you should never go for a property which has a South West facing entrance. It is said that such an entrance comprises of the energy of the devil. This devilish energy is the source of all kinds of struggles and misfortunes in life. However, if you have already purchased a house having a South West entrance, you can fix it by placing two tiles of Hanumanji depicting a Gada in hand on the outer portion of your door.  The powerful Hanumanji will get rid of the evil power causing harm to you.

3.The Master Bedroom


Do never compromise regarding the location of your master or main bedroom.  If your home is an East facing home, then your bedroom should be located at the South West corner of your house.  South West bedrooms are considered as the sole reasons for your wealth and riches.  So, if you are a businessman, a South West bedroom will be suitable for you.  However, if the bedroom is in the North West corner, you will notice that all your family members are very supportive towards you as North West situated bedrooms strengthen the bond of support in a family. A complete no-no is a bedroom situated in West-North-West, South-South-West, East-South-East, North-East, North-North-East and South-East direction.



Can we think of a house without a kitchen?  Kitchen is that place where our foods are prepared. The Vaastu says that we should face the east while cooking food.  Good health will prevail if you cook the food facing the East. For an ideal kitchen, South-East corner is the best. Before constructing your house, you should always keep in mind that kitchen should never be directly in front of your main door.



Another important aspect without which a home is incomplete is toilet. Vaastu tells us the bathrooms on the West or North-West direction are the best. Restrain from constructing your bathroom in the North-Eastern or in the East of your home. Another Vaastu tip is that windows of your bathroom should be placed either in the East or in the North. This should be done primarily for your good health and prosperous life. Also, place the wash basins at the corners of your house. A north-east Puja room is also preferred.

To construct your house properly, it is advised to use these five Vaastu tips and see the results yourself. Keep in mind, a Vaastu non-complaint house might be the reasons for all your worries. So, choose your house keeping in mind these tips and get ward them off from your life.

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