5 Ways To Make The Routines Healthier

It’s not always possible for us every single time to pack our bags and move to a soothing place or mountains to refresh our body and mind or to a health camp or yoga Centre to repair our body’s wears and tears,

I am trying to draw your attention towards a permanent solution!

We are spending the maximum of our time in working for our livelihood and for we live only once we can’t assume will enjoy or will give rest to our bodies after a decided number of years as we never know what’s waiting for us…

The negative effect of this money race is seen on the health of maximum people, and then they spend Their earnings forcefully on treatments, medicines, tests, etc..

Won’t it be better to stop neglecting our health and nourish it as Health Is Wealth!

And minor changes in daily routine can make it possible 😉

Start Your Day Early:

Why is it important to start the day early? Everyone loves their beds and are lazy to get up but with this habit, one’s day starts late, and all the tasks are either done in a hurry or skipped. So just by changing some ways, some old habits it can cause a lot of difference to our health.

Also, mind and body can be very productive in the morning. There are billions of

ways to get up in the morning and not getting tired, if one is willing to change the habits.

If the cells are warmed up in the morning and gets the fresh oxygen, hemoglobin increases several times burning food calories burning them to serve as energy rather than storing them as fats in our body.

A Breakfast That Sums Up The Morning:

Healthy and full breakfast is an essential part of the day. So it is advisable to arrange your mornings in a way that one has enough time to prepare as well as eat the breakfast.

People who are diet conscious are also said to have satisfying breakfast as your body is getting food to digest after a break of 6-7 hours of your sleeping time.

Hence it should be rich in proteins and other nutrients it will give you results in the entire day as the body needs it to perform all the functions.     

Exercises Ain’t A Nightmare:

“A Healthy mind, Resides in a Healthy Body.”

Previously, our forefathers ate quite an amount of food but also had tedious physical works to do. Hence they stayed in the pink of their health. Are we working on the amount of food we eat?

What happens when we don’t?

One problem will gradually lead to other. Obesity will lead to addiction to food, to laziness, and finally an invitation to various diseases or health issues.   

Making ourselves dependant on medicines, tablets thus it’s better to sweat a bit and relief ourselves from the list of medicines, and also we ain’t earning to pay our medical bills!

Simple exercises or walking for 30-40 mins too is beneficial.

In this sedentary lifestyle, we need to find time for ourselves and some changes like walk while taking calls, using stairs, taking walking breaks. And rather than just drinking and lazily spending the weekends, using the time in a productive way one can play their favorite sports that will make you feel energized, truly hungry, and happy too.

Calorie Pressure:

People often eat food by counting calories in order to calculate their intake to know how much to burn out either to lose weight or maintain weight. But forget a simple thing which is – Are those calories healthy?

Or just they are empty calories? That only contributes to fat storage and are not beneficial to their bodies. Have the right knowledge of the right amount of calories your body needs, and eat healthy and home cooked food rather than the fast or junk food as requirements of calories vary from person to person.

At the same time, one can give healthy recipes a tasty makeover.

Healthy Habits:

Why do I stress on the word “Habit” is that doing or practicing a thing once or twice won’t fetch you benefits also you soon will be disappointed and feel to quit it.

Hence Habits are a must as they don’t change as per situation or place.

Sleeping on time is one of them as our body needs the resting hours to process the wear and tears if one is not having enough of sleep eventually the body will get exhausted.

We see so many people having sleeping pills, and some are the preys of depression the reason for this is the excess of stress and physical communication with people.

Try taking some time off from electronic gadgets and get connected to others as well as yourself.


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