7 Ways Coffee Can Make You More Beautiful

Don’t look now, but there are studies that reveal coffee is not just for drinking. You can also use it to make yourself more beautiful. You already know that taking a sip of coffee in the morning makes you more energetic as you start the day. But many people are not aware that this beverage can also enhance also your appearance as any beauty product can.

There are beneficial substances in ground coffee, such as those made by Organo Gold, which will work overtime to make you look more appealing to others. Do you want to remove that unsightly cellulite in your thighs or legs? Is your hair losing their sheen or are you simply losing your hair? Are there some puffs around your eyes that make you look real tired and old?

These are just some of the things that ground coffee has the power to resolve, especially if you use Organo Gold’s Gourmet Black Coffee or Café Supreme or any of their other quality coffee beverages. If your mind is piqued, keep on reading this article and you will learn how coffee can enhance your appearance and make you look much prettier than you are now.


1.Coffee will improve the quality of your skin

Coffee can improve the overall health of your skin because it contains antioxidant powers. You may be aware that antioxidants can prevent the premature aging of your skin because of undue exposures to environmental pollution, the sun’s UV rays, destructive free radicals and heat. When coffee is brewed just like the coffee beverages of Organo Gold, its flavonoids and other oxidant powers are released. Only by drinking coffee will you be able to take advantage of its antioxidant powers.

2.Coffee Can Stop That Skin Cancer

There’s a study conducted in 2011 which revealed that you may use coffee to stop skin cancer. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published this particular study. Researchers discovered that when coffee is applied topically, it was able to inhibit a protein enzyme in our skin. As a result, certain skin cancers were prevented from developing at the molecular level.

In conjunction with this coffee topical application, Ericka Loft field, a doctoral student of Yale School of Public Health and the co-author of the study also recommends that exposure to the sun and its UV rays should also be reduced.

3.Coffee Can Depuff Your Eyes

Coffee can also be applied as an eye cream to your puffy eyes. Its caffeine contents will help reduce the puffiness under your eyes because it will restrict the blood flow and thus reduce the swelling. In fact, some industry insiders believe that any eye cream that you apply on your eye bags to reduce its puffiness and lighten the skin up probably has some caffeine in it.

A holistic dermatologist practicing her profession in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Julia Hunter says that putting coffee on the surface of your skin will constrict and dehydrate blood vessels. The skin under your eyes being a lymphatic channel drains poorly. But caffeine will help remove water from this channel system.

She also claims that as you age, the skin under your eyes gets thinner; therefore the blood vessels get more visible. Because of the constricting effect of caffeine in blood vessels, coffee will be able to help. Dr. Hunter claims that you can expect to see results within 30 minutes to one hour.

4.Coffee Can Protect Your Hair

The antioxidant properties of coffee can also protect the quality of your hair. Coffee can improve its sheen and also prevent hair breakage. The beneficial effects of coffee are already proven so much so that there are hair care manufacturers which have incorporated it in some of their shampoo product lines.

5.Coffee Can Be Used As Body Scrub

Coffee grounds can be effectively used as a harmless body scrub. The soft grounded coffee will naturally exfoliate your dead skin and will make it smoother without any irritation. Karen Sevene, director of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa located in Vista, California, claims that they use a body treatment that contains essential oils and Dead Sea salt mixed with coffee extract. They use it to make rough skin smooth and reduce the cellulite of their clients.

6.Coffee Can Brighten Up Your Skin

Drinking coffee will really brighten up your mornings. But it can also brighten up your face and your skin when you apply it as a face mask. The capacity of coffee to stimulate your skin will cause it to look bright, radiant and very much alive.

7.Coffee Can Tighten Up Your Skin

Coffee’s diuretic properties make it a good mix to skin serums and creams. These skin care products can reduce the cellulite visibility because it will draw away fluid from the fat cells. In the process, the fat cells will be dehydrated and will cause the size of the cellulite to shrink. The resultant effect is that the skin will tighten up from the outside.

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