8 Amazing weight loss fruits should be in womens diet

Choosing right food for weight loss is essential in any weight loss procedure. Without putting plenty of time and effort for weight reduction, when you attain weight loss, that’s the easy process and why everyone seek that way, that can be attained only through proper diet. The excess body fat is shed down and you can get in to shape on a limited period itself, that’s the magic given by following proper diet. Diet aids in weight loss, if you want weight management then prefer for healthy diet and avoid those fad diets.

Let’s see what are the 8 amazing fruits which help women to their weight loss or weight management.

Citrus fruits


Oranges and grape fruit remain excellent fruit for weight loss. First fat loss is attained when you start consuming citrus fruits, then finally you get weight loss. When you start to incorporating strictly citrus fruit alone in your diet, then you can see tremendous results in your weight loss. Blood oranges, Clementine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelos, tangerines and kumquats are the citrus fruits varieties that help much in weight management.



Apple helps in making fuller, it controls the hunger pangs. Eating apple in diet aids in weight loss, it controls your appetite level. Stroke, heart disease and cholesterol levels are lowered on regular consumption of apple. It increases the metabolic rate. Eating a whole apple is highly advised than taking apple in juice form, since fiber content of fruit is retained. The food digestion level is reduced on consuming apple in diet. Apple is low in calories, so your overall calorie consumption level is lowered and thus helps in weight management plan.



Strawberries are referred as the slimming berries. The healthy choice of fruit to lower your weight is strawberries. Strawberries contains huge amount of vitamin-c, fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The phenol compounds present in apple are the antioxidant that helps in weight loss. You will get just 49 calories from one cup of strawberries. The anti-inflammatory enzymes and antioxidants present in strawberries help in boosting the digestion. Strawberries are delicious in taste; it can be added to your favorite smoothies and salads. This densely nutrient enriched fruit is really a healthy fruit which has good weight management power.



Pineapple is the wonderful fruit for weight loss, these pineapple were low calorie fruit. There is concept which states that consume pineapple separately, not mingling it with other foods so that the anti-inflammatory properties of brome lain enzyme are well absorbed by the body and get utilized. Vitamin-c is enriched plenty in pineapple that gives good resistance power to the body. It also has the power to curb appetite. Thus your extra pounds are shed down by consuming pineapple in your diet. It has a wonderful result, so just try out it.



Watermelon has the power to lower the fat deposits in our body and lipid level is lowered on consuming watermelon in our diet. Even muscle soreness is reduced on consuming watermelon juice. Watermelons are generally low in calorie and it is a full of water loaded fruit with other active vitamins and minerals enriched in it. Thus plenty of watermelon intakes in our diet, not going to increase calorie. It helps in lowering the fat level. Thus it is good fruit for shedding your extra weights.



Papaya is an excellent fruit for weight watchers. If you want to lose weight effectively and healthily, then consume papaya in your diet. The calorie content is low in papaya, you can just prepare smoothes out of papaya or use in salad forms. Papaya contains good amount of vitamin-c, vitamin-A, folate and fiber. Papaya acts as a natural diuretic and contains higher antioxidant power. It fights the cellulite in the body and thus helping in losing weight easily.



Peaches has the property to reduce the belly fat, the obesity occurrence is prevented on consuming peaches. Thus obesity related diseases can be prevented on consuming peaches in your diet. If your calorie conscious, then try including peaches in your diet. One cup peaches provides 68 calories. Thus it is amazing fruit for women to shed down their weights.



Avocado is also known as butter pear, it has good amount of mono-unsaturated fats, and these fats has the ability to lower the belly fat and they helps in boosting the metabolic rate. The fat content in avocado is higher but it is good fats, which benefit to the cardiovascular system. If you want to make your weight loss program faster and effective, then try to include avocado in your diet without fail. Avocados contain 20 vitamins and minerals in it, thus a healthier fruit choice for dieting.


Fruits on the whole it helps in diet & weight management, try to have whole fruits in your diet, fruits are low in calorie wit vitamin and minerals in denser amount. The fruit with higher fiber content is the best food for your weight loss program. Choose a high fiber rich foods, in our recent generation weight management took over much huge place, yes now women have become health conscious and worried about their extra weights. Don’t worry you can become fit, healthy and safely lose weight by following the above mentioned method. Just incorporate those fruits to your diet. You can feel the difference and see how you’re shaping up.

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