Are there any women in this world who don’t feel curious about beauty tips? Women are always on the search of beauty tips to get gorgeous and flawless skin. They also look for beauty tips to make their hair shiner and smoother. The scorching heat of the summer season affects your skin and hair profusely.  It is damaged by the rays of the sun. Adding to the misery, another notable factor that causes immense harm to the skin and hair is pollution.  Pollution tends to make your hair and skin dry and full of dirt. As a solution, women fall back on the beauty tips that can help them achieve lustrous hair and skin or let their hair and skin remain as it is as it was before.

I take this opportunity to talk about 8 beauty tips that every woman should be aware of. These beauty tips are easy to follow and also not going to pinch you hard on your pocket. Instead of overspending in beauty salons and on beauty products, you can rely on these beauty tips and reap the benefits.

1.Green Tea-A weapon indeed

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Are you annoyed to see those disappointing dark circles near your eye area? The most irritating part is when you cover your face with make up but the dark circle near your eye area ditches you and gives you a horrible feeling. Putting loads of make up cannot hide your dark circles completely and give you respite. To get rid of them, better try putting the cool tea bags of green tea over your closed eyes.  Although well-known as a detox drink, green tea plays a vital role in reducing swelling, inflammation and stiffening of the skin. Try to follow this beauty tip and see the difference yourself.

2.Sweet Almond Oil-A win win beauty tip

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A lipstick is the best friend of a woman. The make-up of a woman is incomplete without a lipstick. Lipstick, certainly a bliss makes a woman look perfect and sensuous. But after spending a tiring day at work, the idea of removing the lipstick might give you goose bumps at times. But, here is a simple trick to remove your lipstick. Take a cotton ball and drizzle some sweet almond oil on it. Now, dab the ball on your lips and you are done. Restrict yourself from spending on those pricey removers, this trick apart from being a miraculous beauty tip can save your moolah too.

3.Choose Your Beauty Product Applying Your Brains

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Being a teenager is really fun. But there are few things which are really annoying associated with your teenage and one of them is those tiny black spots that cover your face. Better known as acne, these spots can spoil your entire look. Concealers are there to hide them but have you ever thought about how long these temporary strategies can help you out. So, be prudent at the time of buying the beauty product. One simple beauty tip is to settle for products which are non-condogenic.  Applying non-condogenic products will gradually help get rid of acne and also not cause clogged pores. So next time, while buying beauty products, be wise and buy non-condogenic products.

4.Vaseline- For Beautiful Shaped Brows

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All of us look forward to achieving a beautiful pair of eyebrows but sometimes they look awkward. No matter how hard you try to shape them with an eyebrow brush, but they cannot be easily tamed. However, there is a magic beauty tip for your eyebrows. Apply some Vaseline to your brows and then use your eyebrow brush to shape them. That’s set and you are done!

5.Coconut Oil- A Necessity

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Do you experiment with your hair often? There is nothing wrong in experimenting though but our hair goes through a lot. Modern women are fond of curling, using hair colour and straightening.  All these embellishments do damage your hair. So, you should provide adequate nourishment to your hair. A simple beauty tip is to massage your hair gently with coconut oil for at least 10 minutes before applying shampoo. By following this easy beauty tip, you can make your hair grow and become a lustrous lass.

6.Hair Colour-Pros and Cons

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The market is full of variety of hair colour and there is no denying of the fact that hair colour gives a different and vibrant look. But hair colours have a chemical substance called Paraphenylenediamine which can be the cause of allergy for some women. So, always conduct a patch test by applying some colour to your skin and leaving it for an entire day. The possibilities of allergies can be ruled out by following this tip.

7.Manicure Guidelines-Some Beauty Tips

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A manicured hands is everybody’s envy. But be careful while manicuring your hands and ensure the cuticles are not cut. A seal of protection is the cuticles and if you let your beautician cut it then you might be prone to bacterial skin infections. So, be attentive and cautious.

8.Use of cold Water

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A girl desires to flaunt a flawless skin. But do you know that you need to take care of the insides of your body as well to achieve a perfect skin? A basic beauty tip is to hydrate your body from inside. Use cold water to cleanse your face at least twice a day. Remember warm water is your enemy and can help open the pores and dirt can enter through them. Last but not the least, the best beauty tip ever is to drink at least eight glasses of water for a glowing and radiant looking skin.

I am sure the above-mentioned beauty tips can help you move ahead in your beauty regime and make you look more gorgeous. Follow them diligently and get rid of those nagging skin problems. But remember, no matter how much aware you become but no beauty tips can beat a smiling face. So always hold a smile on your face as it is the best make up ever that a woman can wear.

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