In female body for proper regulation of menstrual and reproductive cycle oestrogen hormone helps a lot, oestrogen hormone is found in our body naturally, due to aging and other factors these hormone levels may decrease in body and cause several ailments. To counter this issue doctor prescribes medicines to balance this oestrogen hormone level in our body. Instead of taking medications you can also take foods that help in enhancing the oestrogen levels in females, by doing so the side effects can be prevented.

This oestrogen is naturally available in our body, but during menopause times the oestrogen level decreases and causing further disorders. If your body is low in producing oestrogen hormones, then you can supply it by having oestrogen rich foods in your diet.

Let us now discuss about the nine foods that helps to increase the oestrogen level in women;



Plant oestrogen named phytoestrogen is found denser in soy, the flavones present in soy is actually the plant oestrogen, which has the same property of oestrogens hormone. How oestrogen plays a vital role, like wise genistein present in soy does the same role. Soy can be taken as soy milk or in grain form which can be roasted or cooked and consumed in diet. The symptoms of post menopausal effect can be recovered by taking this soy based foods regularly in diet, because it posses the property of oestrogens hormone in body, it helps to recover and function properly. Also soy yogurt can be had in diet.



Phytoestrogen is highly present in tofu. Isoflavones present in tofu posses the beneficial properties for health. This can be taken daily without fail in your diet. In soup preparation or in preparation of other dishes tofu can be added and that would help to provide hormonal balances in our body.



The phytoestrogens are present 3 times higher in flaxseeds than soybean. Flaxseeds to get oestrogen effect you need to crush or grind them and have these tiny seeds in your diet, without grinding the flaxseeds you will not get any beneficial property. You can simply prepare soups and shakes with flaxseed powder, also just add this flaxseed powder during baking times and in kneeding dough for chapati you can add this powder. Also while grinding chutneys you can simply add these flaxseeds and have it. These seeds are rich source of fibre, they help to lower the cholesterol and it helps in weight loss.

4.Dried fruits

Dried fruits

The dried fruits are rich source of plant estrogens, since these are dense in calories, you can limit the consumption of dried fruits in your diet. Dates, prunes and apricots are dense source of phytoestrogens that helps to enhance the oestrogens levels in body.

5.Sesame seeds


Sesame seeds are rich source of lignans, even sesame oil contains the same amount of lignans in it. These seeds help in enhancement of plant estrogens in our body. Sesame seeds contain fibre and minerals are densely found in it. You can simply prepare your favourite delicious soups and salads with this seeds.


heat boils

Hundred grams of garlic provides 603.3 mcg of plant oestrogen, thus they are richer source of isoflavones and by taking this garlic regularly in diet one can prevent the onset of cardiac diseases.

7.Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

The oestrogen levels in body can be enhanced by proper intake of this sunflower seeds. These sunflower seeds can be taken as snacks or you can prepare salads out of it and also you can add as toppings in your favourite recipes. Hundred grams of sunflower seeds provide 216 mcg of phytoestrogen.

8.Chick peas


Chickpeas are rich source of this phytoestrogens, these thus help to balance the oestrogens level in body, and also chick peas are dense source of fibre and protein.



The caffeine found in coffee helps to enhance the oestrogen levels in body. Those women who take three cups of coffee in their diet have richer oestrogen levels in body. By drinking the coffee the oestrogen hormone is increased in body but infertility cannot be treated by this caffeine beverage. Thus ovulation is not happened by this beverage.

The food which helps to enhance the oestrogen levels in our body are also known as breast enhancement foods. If you need to increase your breast size just simply don’t follow this guidelines, you may once get consulted with your physician and then start taking this foods in your diet. Oestrogen is good for health but excess in quantity it can cause severe side effects that are why physician guidance is compulsory.

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