A Day or Twenty Four Hours How do you see?

Ever wondered how a day can make a difference in your life? For some it might be a day but for others these are 24 hours. In these 24 hours we can change our whole lifestyle. So, if you are still struggling to find some tips, here are some easy to follow things which can help you having a fruitful day.

Those vital five minutes-

Start waking up five minutes prior to your general waking up time. Manage your ‘To do list’ in those five minutes. Try to follow that list and do not sleep until you complete all the targets of that day. Following this might force you to wake up ten minutes prior to your time.

Try taking out atleast one hour for your body-

One hour for your body daily would change the way you feel about yourself the whole life. Self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem all would be boosted up by following this tip.


Gossiping, laughing out loud, and chattering, all can also make you having a superb day. Spend some quality time with your friends and see how this time rejuvenates you.

Keep yourself hydrated-

Drink as much water as you can. Don’t let yourself become thirsty of water. Most important health benefits of drinking water is, it will help you keep calm and also will give a special glow to your face everybody dreams of.

Essence of Punctuality-

Time and tide waits for none! So do people!
Start being punctual in your life. Try reaching everywhere on time and then see how people start treating you with respect. Punctuality and success goes hand in hand.

Some time away from the real world-

To make your day a little brighter, read something new every day. It doesn’t matter how much you read but reading surely brings a different kind of positivity in you and will take you to a different imaginary world.

Mind that mess around you-

Do you know that tidiness and being successful too have a connection? If not, try keeping your place dirt-free. Remove those unwanted things from your surroundings and then see the result.

Revive your childhood habits-

We grow old but don’t let that child die inside you. Follow your passion. Take out an hour for youself from that whole day to do something which brings out ‘you’ from you.

Stop being shabby-

Your clothes speak a lot about you. It is said that we usually act according to the clothes we wear. Formal dresses in offices and cool-soft clothes at night are a big proof to this saying. Try changing your dressing sense and feel the difference.

Quality time with your family-

In the hustle and bustle of your life, don’t ever forget your family. Try taking out some time out of your busy schedules for the most important persons of your life irrespective of how much you are working and where you are working or what kind of workout mistakes you are doing.

A night walk-

Enclose yourself at night under the stars and moon. Give a glance to that beautiful moon who is trying to even lit up your nights. Walk with your partner under the roof of stars.

I am sure these things would help you having a sound sleep at night and would help you making the most out of those 24 hours.


Sakshi Jain

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