Acupressure-a miracle treatment

In Medical Science treatments we came across are many. For any type of diseases medicines and other options are available now. Patients are getting relieved to a larger extent via ALLOPATHY, HOMEOPATHY, AYURVEDA Medicinal treatments. These fields prospered a lot in their services.

But, there are many flaws patients come across in the long-term consumption of medicines. As many are steroids and other are drugs not advisable for our body at some ages. Also, these treatments are not cheap, they include heavy cost due to which a non earning or less earning person not able to afford it and can`t be permanently relieved. Many issues require high dosage in return which results in ill effects also.

The Chinese alternative medicine therapy called ACUPRESSURE ACUPUNCTURE is now advanced ancient concepts of our Indian society or our old traditional cultures of getting pinned on nose, ears or wearing of bindis and also doing of daily chores of housewives by themselves originated the concept of acupressure observed by {SUJOK THERAPY FOUNDER & PROFESSOR} Dr. PARK JAE WOO, the Chinese professor after a long time research for this outstanding therapy via correspondence system of our whole body in our hands & feet. Patients are recovered instantly just by stimulation on the relevant corresponding acupoint for the illness of the body. All the patients in this therapy are treated same beside factors such as age, sex; the persistence of disease in your body etc. This therapy is able to cure physical, mental, emotional balances in our body to lead a healthy life. Remarkable results were seen till now for relieving every type of diseases i.e. acute, chronic, non-curable, non-medicinal diseases.

Different therapies originated for treatments are SUJOK, REFLEXOLOGY, SMILE MEDITATION, TRIORIGIN, CHAKRA THERAPY, COLOR THERAPY, MAGNETIC THERAPY, CUPPING THERAPY, MOXIBUSTION THERAPY, AYURVEDIC ACUPRESSURE, CHINESE ACUPRESSURE & ACUPUNCTURE. The acupuncturist uses TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)system for regulating the flow of energy in our body. Energy(Qi)is the life force which flows freely in a healthy human being, but when it is weakened or blocked illness in our body occurs, so stimulating or pressurizing the obstruction allows the vital flow of energy(Qi) and balancing YIN YANG meridians, Qi which relieves the patient.

Treatment equipment’s in this therapy are small magnets of many types & shapes, Herbs & seeds like fenugreek seeds, white peas, whole black pepper, green gram seeds etc. and rollers, mats, probs, massagers, rings.

Now a day’s frequent prevailing problems like lower backache, cervical spondylitis, lumber spondylitis, knees or ankle pain, sciatica, joints pain, gastritis, acidity, constipation, headache, migraine, thyroid, sinusitis, asthma, depression, anxiety, stress, and many others are healed easily and sometimes instantly.

So learning of it will provide an advantage to a greater extent. Gaining proper knowledge of this therapy you would be able to treat anyone anywhere and make the patient fit within seconds. Any person can easily become specialize in it if belief in its services and results. Even east Asian martial arts and others forces seeking knowledge about this for their self-defense. One should try this treatment for any type of body disorders. We should be aware and should learn about this therapy for our own healthy mind and body. Might be you can save anyone life even with your minute knowledge.

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Dt. Rashi Babbar

An acupressure therapist and nutritionist with 3-4 years experience of treating patients in both feilds.I believe in treatment beyond medicines via acupressure,acupuncture and by altering your dietary routines. Experiencing immediate recovery and easiness in patients by these services is a pleasure i want as my fees. U can contact me for further details...

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