Everybody should know about Aerobic Activities

Aerobic  exercise is generally referred as the exercise done in presence of oxygen in simple, This exercise make you sweat a lot, makes to breath harder, and makes heart function faster, Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs. Aerobic activities uses the larger part of muscles in a rhythmic in nature. Anaerobic exercise is the intense workout done by athletes to increase stamina, power and endurance. It is compound activities with correct techniques and at correct time.


The guidelines for Aerobic  activities

1.Type of activities-The major muscles of the body are involved in this,also approach the bigger muscle of the human body.

2.Intensity-To make it as per science 50-85% is said to be fit.

50-60% for beginners,old.

85% for athletes,advanced clients.

3.Duration-Minimum 15 minutes of aerobic exercise is important for weight loss, totally overall 45 minute workout is essential.

4.Frequency-Thrice a week for weightloss,twice a week for weight gain,level of intensity can be monitored.

How to find out the working out intensity is right

THR– Target heart rate , the maximum heart rate .The formula to calculate THR is 220-age.when a person age is 30, 190 beats/minute will be the maximum heart rate. To get good results the intensity of work out should be around 60-70%.

60% is the intensity level mean 114 will be the maximum heart rate,then amazing results.

When 70% is the intensity level then 133 will be the maximum heart rate. A balanced meal is required and regular workouts (aerobic and anaerobic activities) for attaining optimum fitness levels.

Living tissue is the muscle,wherelse dead tissue is the fat,so improve your living tissue by improving your muscles, so you make yourself active and physically fit.After doing 12 counts of exercise the intensity goes down.

12-15 counts is meant for weightloss

8-10 counts for weight gain.

Crunches-1 set of 2 exercises ,10-15 reps of exercise,when doing lots of crunches results in back injury.

Two to three kilogram weightloss is generally referred as ideal and healthy weightloss.

Optimum principles for workout

Adequate flexibility,muscular endurance,cardio endurance.

Importance of weight  training in female client

1.After burn will be higher

2.Chance of osteoporosis is higher in women

3.Toning of muscles is important since skin become saggy and toning of it is essential

4.We can preserve the bone mass in weight training,so chance of osteoporosis is less,oestrogen Harmone role produce fat that’s why it is soft skin texture for female.testosterone harmone helps in muscle mass buildup that’s why little rough gents skin.

Important guidance to get good results in working out in gym

Maximise the workout duration,to keep the intensity level in higher,when the intensity is higher then the results will be good.to monitor the fitness test,to give variation in workout to make the exercise more interesting and not feeled bour of doing same pattern of workout. To aim higher to achieve the goal.

Health benefits of Aerobic Exercise

  • Improves the mood, relieves the depression.
  • Decreases the risk of some types of cancer
  • Aids in good sleep
  • Increases the HDL level
  • Gives more stamina
  • Reduces the risk of cancer

Exercise particularly aerobics has much benefits in some health issues which is proved such as diabetes, arthritis and asthma, elimination of deformity and alleviation of current condition, improves the bone density which is important in the prevention of osteoporosis.


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