Akash Mudra Benefits

Akash Mudra Benefits and Its Effect on Your Body

In this fast moving world, people hardly get time to practice yoga. If you manage spare some time for yoga it comes up with great health benefits. Especially for someone who is planning to their first step towards improving their health, practicing yoga happens to be one of the most ideal form of the same. There are several forms of yoga but as a beginner, you are advised to practice Akash Mudra- a simple yoga with the involvement of your hand in it. It is believed that it takes you quite closer to divinity. To be very specific there are various forms of yoga and each one of it is quite beneficial for your health in the long run.

Literal Meaning of Akash Mudra:

Different postures of finger is known as Mudra and in this webpage, we will help you know more about Akash Mudra. Those yoga which are done using your fingers are quite effective and helps improve your health if you practice them regularly. This Mudra is meant to be practiced when you are trying to connect with the divine God. This simple Mudra is very important to help you get rid of many chronic problems as well.

Posture Involved in Akash Mudra:

First and foremost you need to sit relaxed when you are planning to practice Akash Mudra. Then you need to sit crossing your legs in a very relaxed position. You need to join the tip of your thumb and take it till your middle finger and breathe slowly.

Some Great Akash Mudra Benefits for Your Body:

  • By practicing this you could manage to create the space element in your body.
  • It is believed that the space within your body is the reflection of your outer space.
  • It helps reuniting your soul.
  • It also takes you quite closer to God.
  • All the negative emotions like anger, fear, stress, and depression goes off your body and it is occupied by several positive and thoughts.
  • It not only removes negative thoughts but also removes off all your metabolic wastes, gradually.
  • It could also be termed as a detoxifying mudra.
  • As it helps increase the internal space in your body, it creates more space for the rest of the elements of your body.
  • It happens to be one of the most effective and combined forms of yoga that could make a person healthier in every way.
  • It helps you get noble thoughts all through the day.
  • Gradually, it will take you quite closer to salvation and moksha.
  • It helps raising the level of Vatahumor in your body.
  • By practicing this you will end up with a very content and satisfied feeling.
  • You will start feeling quite positive and pure right after 2-3 days of practice.
  • You tend to get elevate thoughts.
  • It also develops extrasensory power and great power of intuitions.

 Akash Mudra has lots of great effect on human body. Practicing this daily will definitely keep your body free from stress, depression and many other diseases.

Steps of the Akash Mudra

Here are the steps that you need to follow for the perfect position of Akash mudra. Scroll down to know about it in detail.

Step-1: Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed.

Step-2: Now, with your thumb’s tip, touch and then press your middle finger. This should be done with both the hands.

Step-3: Keep rest of the fingers straight.

Step-4: Make your hands rest on your knees. Your palm should be upwards while you are doing so.

Step-5: Now, sit in this position for as much time as you can.

So, as you are aware now that how this asana should be performed, you need to know the benefits of this asana. It is not just beneficial for your brain but for your entire body as well.

Akash Mudra Benefits

Here is a list of Akash mudra benefits that is going to help you a lot in the long run. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • It removes annoyance in you
  • Helps in the improvement of your bone health
  • Your immune system will become stronger
  • Help those who have irregular heartbeats
  • It cures toothaches as well
  • If you have over-eaten, performing this asana will help you feel better
  • It cures the pain in the ear
  • It improves the extrasensory powers and the intuition power
  • Akash mudra helps you in getting rid of the heaviness that is often felt by people in the body
  • Thinking process improves
  • Eliminates diseases related to the heart
  • Eliminates pain due to sinusitis or a migraine

When to Perform Akash Mudra

It would be best if you do it for 45 minutes every day. You can do it in one go, but if you don’t have that kind of time or if it bores you then you can do it thrice for 15 minutes in a day. It is great your overall well-being and if practiced daily it will help you in leading a better life.

So, with that, this write-up on the benefits of Akash mudra comes to an end. This asana is safe to be performed but you need to take a single precaution while performing it. You can do it at any time but avoid doing it either when you are eating or when you are walking. Practice this mudra and you will see the difference in yourself within a couple of days.

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