Amazing Nails care Tips and Tricks for your hands

Nails care even though are not considered to be the most effective part of the body yet they add beauty in an individual’s life. It changes the physical appearance of the person i.e. a women and it makes her look more elegant than before. Many a times it is also seen that women who are pregnant see a rapid growth in nails.

Fingernails grow faster than the Toe nails. Fingernails grow about 1/10th of a inch (3 millimetres) a month. But, if you lose a fingernail, it will take at least 4-6 months to regrow. Check out Tips for Nails care in this post. Other than going through these diseases it is better to maintain nails, and stay healthy.

Type of fingernail problems

  • Pitting: This happens if there are various skin diseases that are about to come.
  • Fungal nail Functions: This happens if there is uncontrolled diabetes and diabetes too. Too much of sugar is the result.

 Various Daily care tips that a Women can work upon to keep themselves looking elegant

There are many different ways to take care of the nails well so that maintaining them gets no pain. Some of them are as follows:

  • Apply vinegar to your nails before applying the nail polish, the nail polish remains for a long period of item.
  • Also weekly give a salt bath to your nails, as salt is a medicine which works well! So any fungal problem and other types of problem get well clear and clean only add sea salt to water and soak your hands and get smooth results.
  • Always have a cuticle softener for the nails to give them a conditioning look. We can also rub lemon on the nails to get better results.
  • Many a times yellowing of nails also starts its work and chamomile oil is helpful for such problem.
  • Use nail strengthening oils and lotion that give a good massage to the skin and surface of the skin give beautiful outlay.
  • Wearing gloves while doing various kinds of household works is safe and relevant. As brittle skin occurs in water, oil and shampoos usage it may bring changes in the health composition.

Its better you limit artificial manicures try various home remedies like:

  • Olive Oil”: Make usage of Olive Oil before going to bed apply and massage for 5 Minutes and wear cotton gloves, or else you can also soak your fingers in olive oil for 15-30 minutes.
  • Coconut Oil: Apply coconut oil frequently to your skin or nail bed to avoid fungal nail diseases.
  • Orange Juice: Apply orange juice soak your fingers for more than 15 minutes or else rinse them with Luke warm water.
  • Avoid artificial nail removers and acetones, they make the nails more and more brittle.
  • Also do not do too much of hand washing other than specific reason.
  • Use various kinds of shampoos to give a smooth and conditioning nail bed to your hands.


Concluding this part I will suggest home remedies of Nails care are the best even though take time they do not work from the external surface but they do internal work, which provides ever youth shine and glow.


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