There are around 15% of couples who are not able to give birth to a child even after having sexual intercourse for more than a year.

For most of these couples, male infertility could be one of the reasons for not being able to give birth to a child. Yes! you hear that right, male infertility is one of the biggest concerns which is also resulting into divorces, mental illness, frustration in many couples. Male infertility is primarily due to low production of sperms and abnormalities in the function of sperms. A man is called infertile when he is not able to produce the right quality and quantity of sperms. If a man ejaculates low quantity of sperms, it would be difficult for him to make his partner pregnant. There are many factors like chronic health diseases, injuries and major lifestyle changes that cause male infertility.

We all know it is very disheartening for a couple if they cannot conceive. However, the medical world is constantly endeavoring towards different medical treatments that could cure the male infertility problems.

Male Infertility

Let us learn some causes and symptoms of Male Infertility:

·        Is Male Infertility A Very Common Disease?

Male Infertility is a common disease nowadays. You will find that out of 5 couples who are not able to reproduce, at least one of them is unable to reproduce due to male infertility problems.

One out of 20 men will have male infertility problems which will hinder the growth of sperms and thus he will not be able to ejaculate the right quantity of sperm that is required for making his partner pregnant.

·        Male Infertility- Symptoms

Truly speaking, a man who is infertile of suffering from male infertility problems will not have any obvious signs of infertility. Rather, he will get proper erection and ejaculation will also happen without any problem. The quantity of the sperm will also seem to be normal. However, medical tests are required to be conducted to find out whether a man is infertile or not.

·        Male Infertility-Causes

The primary causes of male infertility are either related to the problem of low sperm production or transport of sperms. The cause can be found out with the help of proper medical testing.  More than two third of men face problem of making sperms in their testes.  The main problem is either a very low quantity of sperm is made or the sperm that is made in the testes do not work in the proper way.

There are some men who suffer from conditions called blockages which is also known as obstructions. In this condition, the sperms move away from the testes and thus do not come to the penis.

  • Some Amazing Treatments That Could Be Used To Cure Male Infertility

Male Infertility

As we are discussing about male infertility, it has truly become a concern. However, there are many methodologies that could be used to increase the quality and quantity of sperm production.  There are some therapies like Electroejaculation (EEJ) or sperm harvesting techniques that could really be beneficial for rectifying the male infertility problems.

  • Electroejaculation Therapy (EEJ)

There are some men who have a normal sperm production level however, they cannot ejaculate due to a short circuit in their nervous system.  For those men, or men suffering from diabetes, pelvic surgery, retro-peritoneal lymph node, multiple sclerosis, EEJ is a pain free technique which takes around 30 minutes and can be conducted at the outpatient department.  Since, it is a non-invasive in nature, patients can return to routine life and desk job the same day itself.  It has been found that around 40 percentage of couple have been successful in achieving pregnancy. It has helped many males to get rid of their male infertility problems.

  • Clomiphene Citrate

For some men who suffer from some kind of sperm abnormalities, they can be treated with clomiphene citrate pills or tablets. It is basically done to improve the quality of semen.  Clomid is helpful in increasing the sperm count and thus improve the mobility of sperms.

  • Varicocele Ligation

Sometimes, in cases of varicoceles being found, then with the help of surgery, the abnormally dilated veins are tied off. According to the records, around two third of men have seen massive improvement in their sperm production and male infertility issues after varicocele Ligation.

·        Some Techniques like MESA, TESE, AND PESA


 You can find many minimally invasive methodologies which could cure the sperm production/male infertility problems to a large extent.  These techniques are basically the sperm retrieval techniques which are conducted at the outpatient surgery department. They are basically painless and the patient is applied anaesthesia locally. Patients can return to their normal life activities within a couple of days’ time. Some sperm retrieval procedures take place through the skin and some of them take place by making a small insertion/opening in the skin. Such procedures are called MESA or TESE.

·        IVF or ICSI


The ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a technique which is used to inject only one single sperm in the female egg and then associated with vitro fertilization. The vitro fertilization generally takes place at an infertility clinic. Through ICSI procedure, infertile men can give birth to his own child. Earlier, men had to use donor sperm to give birth. It has been proved that in this treatment the success rates are the best and quite well accepted by everyone.

  • Transurethral Resection of Ejaculatory Duct

Through this procedure, the blockage or obstruction in the ejaculatory duct is improved.


As discussed, the article talks about male Infertility. Although male infertility is a serious concern, however, there are many treatments available which could give relief to the infertile males.

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