Food poisoning is nothing but the illness or upset caused to your body suddenly due to eating poisonous food or contaminated food with microbes. It is an acute level illness. When a person get food poisoning, then he will have the symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, pain in abdomen region, nausea and fever. This food poisoning is caused by virus, certain fishes or plants, bacteria, mycotoxins, chemicals in food including harmful metals. Bacteria are of two types one is spoilage bacteria and the other one is pathogenic bacteria, the decomposition of food is caused by bacteria and thus food get’s spoiled by spoilage bacteria, elsewhere the pathogenic bacteria are the disease causing bacteria, that causes typhoid, dysentery, food poisoning etc.

For the growth of bacteria it needs moisture content, food, warmth and certain duration of time. Certain foods are known as the risky foods for causing food poisoning they are, meats, poultry, shell fish, sea foods, egg enriched dishes, soups sauces, stocks, dairy products and cooked rice. Also you should be known what are the low level risk foods for food poisoning or a healthy option food that would not cause food poisoning. They are high sugar content rich foods, foods with higher salt content in it, chemically preserved foods or dried foods.

Food poisoning

Thus now you know how this food poisoning occurs and once a person gets affected with this, how he suffers will be known only by the sufferer. Let’s now be aware of this food poisoning stuffs, United states of America has found an app that helps to find whether the food is contaminated or not. It is really an advanced technology which is a healthy one that allows to eat food healthily without any contamination of food, thereby safeguarding humans from food poisoning. Yes it’s really a boom for all food lovers.

Why the app invented you know, because the food poisoning rate is higher on United States, thereby to prevent from those disorders this app is found to safeguard the people. The name of the app is food keeper app. There are so many apps developed to find the humidity, to count calories, to give the best nearby restaurant, maps and now you get an amazing app to maintain you healthy.  This app can be used in iphone or even by all android device mobile phones.

Food poisoning

App on mobile to detect the contaminants in food

The feature of this app is it guides the person to properly refrigerate foods, also the way how to store beverages and food items on freezer and refrigerator. By using this app the shelf life of period can be increased for a particular food like baby foods, eggs, poultry, meat, seafood and dairy products. The proper way of cooking is mentioned on the app thereby it helps the app users to cook hygienically and healthy. By doing this food borne infection can be eradicated.

Our fridge plays the main essential role in preventing from those food poisoning causing germs, yes it is absolutely true, but one should be knowledgeable on how to use refrigerator properly and safely. If you keep the fridge on below forty degree Fahrenheit, then that would itself reduce the pathogenic bacteria growth and thus prevent from food borne infection. Also don’t damp too much of food items on your refrigerator, because the air circulation on fridge gets affected, thus causing uneven chillness to all food stored inside. One food may be at higher temperature and the other food chilling will be lesser or sometimes no cool at all. The other reason to not damp too many food items on your refrigerator is due to damping of foods, fridge motor works continuously to provide proper cooling and takes extra power, thus causing huge electricity consumption and finally hike in your electricity bills.

Food poisoning

The United States Department of agriculture states that leave one inch gap in all sides of refrigerator and then place your foods, don’t damp too much foods. By doing this cold air will get circulated evenly and thus the preserving of foods happen properly, the grill which is present in front of fridge should be cleanly maintained that is free from lint and dusts. Thus protecting fridge condenser, so good air circulation reaches there. The healthy way of cooking is, to cook the food at right temperature, the internal temperature of the cooking food is 145 degree Fahrenheit, and it is the USDA recommended healthy temperature for cooking food items. 145 degree Fahrenheit is suitable for meat, pork and beef. 165 degree Fahrenheit is ideal for cooking poultry items says the USDA.

So you get all now a days at our finger tips, yes it’s none other than mobile device, all the useful information which is unknown. Here comes now this awesome technology designed app to keep your health proper, by detecting whether the food going to consume is infected by harmful microbes or not. Don’t you think it’s such an amazing invention by the US government? Hats off to those genius scientists, for providing such a useful app, thereby helping public to get benefited out.

Before you feed, know the food value by this lovely food keeper app and stay protected. I hope the above shared information will be really informative to everyone who go through it and thanks for taking immense time to read-out my article, if you found my article as useful one and good, then kindly like this content and keep sharing the article with your friends and family members, since sharing is like caring. Your feedback and comments on article are most welcome; it will really grow as well. You share this article among your groups so that the information get’s passed away and will definitely useful for someone who read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, thanks once again. Keep waiting until I bring you new innovative content with lots of useful information in it. Till then it’s Ramya signing off from you. Have a healthy day.

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