Astonishing link between your Weight & Your Teeth

There are many things that affect a human being either slightly or tremendously. Whether or not he is willing to face those things in life all these things come into his life, where some bring in consequences and some bring in solutions. Weight is the increased mass of a body happens rapidly after intake of food in a wrong and improper manner; A control on weight after a certain age is necessary as it may turn out to be weird at later ages and after a period of time it turns out to be disease. This gain actually happens because of increase in fat cells. A disorder takes place spoiling the size and shape of it.

Is there really a link between our Weight and teeth? Let’s find out how?

As said above whatever we eat firstly affects our teeth and if it not acceptable to the mouth various domicile diseases take place in the mouth and later the stomach is affected later the liver then the kidneys etc. In one of the studies that was done recently it was found out that obesity or increase in weight causes various teeth related diseases.

Mostly there are gum diseases that are seen due to improper food habits. The study proved that 160 adults in Thailand where they were 70% of them who were obese. The BMI (Body Mass Index) plays the most important role in deciding whether a person is obese or no. In India BMI with 17 and less is said to be underweight and 30 and above is said to overweight.

Whereas in Thailand 23 and above BMI is overweight. Basically the WBC and RBC (White blood cells and Red Blood cells play a prominent role in controlling the weight of a person, if there is any inflammation seen in the blood there is overweight that takes place. Obesity is the diseases that happen to lazy and careless people.

Obese people have 4.2 times more likely to have severe gum diseases other than thin people. We all know that inflammation is the root cause of various diseases—periodontal disease (gum diseases) but also cardiovascular disease (Heart and Blood vessel diseases) and many cancers also take place.

Diabetes also plays a major role in spoiling our gums and causing various gum related diseases. Gum diseases or tooth related problems even though they look small are dangerous and may cause rheumatoid arthritis and premature deaths too!

What are the various blunders we do in while dealing with our teeth?

Often due to the food we eat our teeth has to suffer a lot. Mostly overweight people obese as we say suffer from many dental diseases.

There are certain factors that directly affect the oral health and weight:

1) Improper Diet.

2) Chewing or Smoking Tobacco.

3) Alcohol consumption.

4) Hygiene and stress related problems.

5) Injuries due to accidents and mishaps.


Eat well, unprocessed food and avoid various diseases that may affect your oral health and later dysfunction may arise which may create a tough living for you! Take good care of your weight and oral hygiene too by avoiding blunders!

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