Do you know migraine is a neurological syndrome, causing the headache severe in forehead, side of head region or pain around your eyes? In most cases migraines are misdiagnosed as sinus or normal headaches. The headache pain may remain for just two hours or can go up to 2 or 3 days. In modern medicine you can just get temporary relief from pain, but Ayurveda gives a holistic approach in healing migraine permanently and alleviating the root cause of the migraine occurrence can be done. Migraine Headache affects mind and body, if there exist imbalance on vata, kapha or pita dosha, which could end up in migraine headache.

There are several factors which trigger migraine like lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, too much of mental stress, when reading under less lighting. All these can trigger the migraine headache pain. There are particular symptoms like mood changes, stiff neck, indigestion, lack of appetite, severe headache. Vomiting, irritation, nausea and fatigue. These symptoms when you start facing it repeating that can be start up of migraine headache. When you experience such symptoms first of all don’t ignore it, you should be alerted and stop approaching treatment like taking painkillers to suppress pain, because that will only reduce pain on temporary basis. Completely you may not get a permanent solution for this headache pain relief.

Actually most of us what does means, they will ignore the pain. Later they would start application of pain balm or they will be in dark room, thinking that they are protecting themselves. By doing so all your pain will not get vanished. When you start finding the root cause for the occurrence of migraine, then you could safeguard from other diseased conditions.

In Ayurveda migraine is termed as sooryavarta, excess stimulation of blood vessels in brain region can cause migraine. Mainly these migraine headaches are due to wrong pattern of life style. Once you get pain you’re just reducing the pain but not trying to completely eradicate, that can be done and you can get a permanent relief from migraine headache pain through Ayurveda methods. In Ayurveda migraine treatment involves diagnostic procedures that is detailed and involves documentation, you can get customized treatment procedures that designed for you based on your lifestyle pattern, here you get no side effects at all and pain is reduced permanently and the chances of re-occurrence of pain is very less. That’s the first most benefit of ayurvedic treatment methods.

Procedures involved in ayurvedic treatment of migraine

  1. Nidaan parivarjan
  2. Pitta-Vata shaman
  3. Medhya Rasayana

In the entire treatment process initially toxins are removed from body, thereby gut functions are improved. Three doshas in our body get balanced in this ayurvedic treatment procedure. Also tonics like nervine are given in order to strengthen the nervous system and nourish them well. Also our brain needs proper blood circulation in order to function properly and normally. In this Rasayana therapy you get blood circulation on brain region that is properly done. So on correcting these you could be relieved from migraine pain and do you know your digestive issues can trigger the migraine symptoms and can be the topmost factor for the occurrence of migraine headache pain.

When the pain occurs in nerve region of brain that cause migraine, you should keep your digestive system healthier, because lack of proper digestion can increase ama in our body, that further affect the circulation of blood entirely to the body and brain. Migraine treatment procedure involves ayurvedic medicines, lifestyle modification, changes in diet pattern.

What are to be done to safeguard you from migraine symptoms?

  • Spicy foods and hot foods must be avoided or limited, since that increases pitta in our body and causes imbalance of three doshas in our body and thereby resulting in migraine headache.
  • You may stay away from white sugar, Maida, citrus fruits and fermented foods.
  • You can start drinking more amount of water and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fibre rich diet.
  • You need to avoid sugar completely or lower the usage of sugar and salt in your diet.
  • Stay away from caffeinated beverages, tea, refined foods, alcohol, meats and dairy products. Because that would again worsen the symptom, by increasing pitta in our body.
  • Stay away from direct expose to UV rays, so sun exposure to be avoided that would increase pitta and causes the symptoms worsen.
  • You can give a fine massage with bring raj oil on your head that calms down and soothes, and relaxes your nervous system, making you free from stress.
  • Also you may do relaxation methods and take a deep breathing, which helps to reduce stress and makes you free from pain. You can also lye in down position, which makes to enhance the supply of oxygen to brain and lower the headache and strain.
  • When you experience burning sensation during severe headache at migraine, what you could do is prepare a paste of sandalwood power mixed with rose water, which will lower the burning sensation of headache.
  • Take a bowl to it add one teaspoon of cinnamon oil to it add ¼ teaspoon of clove powder, mix them well and apply on pain area. You can apply this paste and leave on it pain region for 20-30 minutes. It gives a good relieve from pain.

I hope now you will know how Ayurveda is very much better treatment option than allopathy, so you may switch on to the holistic practice and get treated with your severe migraine headache pains, thereby safeguarding yourself.

Hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life. You can rate this content by giving your valuable feedback and share it among your friends and family members.

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