Bach Flower Remedies- All you need to know about!

Everyday something new comes up! New ailments, New therapies.

But ancient therapies are still considered to be the best and most effective!

Bach flower remedy is one such alternative color therapy which is gaining a lot of importance!

Edward Bach was the person who has invented this therapy and hence it is known as Bach flower therapy remedy!

So, what is bach flower remedy?
Bach flower remedy also known as BFR’s is basically solution which contains brandy and water.
Brandy is a spirit which is produced by distilling wine.
Water used in the bach flower remedy is the one which contains dilutions of flower.
It is 50:50 ratio of brandy and flower dilution.
 In what cases is bach flower remedies used and which solution is used in that case?
(1) People who have fear-
– Rock rose
– Mimulus
– Cherry plum
– Aspen
– Red chestnut
(2) People who have uncertainty issues-
– Cerato
– Scleranthus
– Gentian
– Gorse
– Hornbeam
– Wild oat
(3) People who have lack of interest in life-
– Clematis
– Honeysuckle
– wild rose
– olive
– White chest nut
– Mustard
– Chestnut bud
(4) People who feel lonely-
– Water violet
– Impateins
– Heather
(5) People who are over sensitive-
– Agrimony
– Centaury
– Walnut
– Holly
(6) People who are over caring-
– Chicory
– Vervain
– Vine
– Beech
– Rock water
How is this solution used?
– Either the solution is used along or with combination of 2 solutions.
– The bach solutions available in the market are mother tinctures with more of alcohol added to level up the volume!
– The solution available in the market are mostly taken orally!
– Any naturopathy or bach remedy practitioner can help you in deciding ideal dosage for you!
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