How cells appear in body, likewise sperm look similar in appearance. These sperms when they get ready to come from testicles of male organ, half of the DNA comes in it like other cells on human body. Sperm count is very important to get fertility power in males. Low sperm count could result in infertility, when the sperm count is low then there would result in lower drive in sex or result in erectile dysfunction. There can be pain, lump and swelling on the testicular region. These people will have low level of body and facial hair that may be also an indication of abnormal in hormone level in human body. It is found that men produce between 2 milliliters to 5 milliliters of semen when they do ejaculation, in this each milliliter level contains about twenty to three hundred million of sperm cells. Healthy sperm will be in colour of white, grey or whitish grey in colour. Yellow colour of semen or sperm indicates the unhealthy nature of sperm which causes sexual dysfunction on men.

Sperm health can be improved and increased in number by particular type of food he taken in diet. DHA from Omega -3 fatty acids seen in fatty fishes are helpful in maintaining healthy sperm level in men. Sperm morphology is increased by taking DHA rich foods; it is also found that DHA rich foods also help to improve the motility of sperms. Sperm when it is good and healthy it should be round headed, the fluidity in sperm is very much important since that will help to bend and keep the sperm flexible. So that fluidity can be increased in sperm by taking diet rich in DHA. That man’s who take 3 or more than 3 cups of coffee in a day have low counts of sperm.

bad sperm

In a recent research study it is found that Bad sperms can wipe out the humans. The chemicals in food and other cosmetics, modern lifestyles are also the reason for the increase in male infertility. In western countries it is increasing day by day, the infertility is increased there. 1, 24000 Men in European countries and American countries get visiting to fertility clinic. They also found that the quality of sperm getting reduced to 2 percentage on every year. The study found that sperm count gets decreased to 59 percentages from the year 1973 to 2011. Stress, chemicals, pesticides, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, processed meat, changes in lifestyle and obesity are the possible causes for the occurrence of infertility in male.

These harmful chemicals which are much harmful are those that used to make the plastic more flexible and in making of furniture that chemical which is used to make it flame retardant, these harmful chemicals enters the food chain through the animals and plants. There is an increased in testicular cancer now a days. Boys born with one or two testicles missed and also boys having changes in testosterone level are increasing that remains the possible way for infertility in male.

In the recent study it is also found from New Jersey that the possible ways for men to become infertile are increased in today’s world. For the study they classified the sperm to low, medium and high level in counts, which are healthy and unhealthy. Normally man ejaculates half a teaspoon of sperm at a time. The fuel for the sperm cells is high-octane, which they get from fructose sugar form through diet. These fructose are supplied to sperm cells by seminal vesicles. If a male lost one testicles, then the second testicle alone is enough to make sperms to produce the baby. The remaining testicle however helps to boost little the sperm output.

Thus one sperm cells alone is enough to fertile an egg, but which is going to do that process successfully is there, there will be an healthy competition between all sperms, for which sperm is going to fertile the female egg. Men produces sperm till end of his life, research study says that over the last 40 years the falling sperm counts increases to fifty percentages, if this continues to extinct that would wipe out the human race totally. The sperm count levels fallen down much on European, North American, Australian and New Zealand countries.

Thus finally it is said that if we are not going to change our life style pattern, exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides on foods all this will certainly affect the future generation, why they will not have the future at all. So think wisely and act smartly at least by hereafter to protect your precious life and stay away from the occurrence of deadly diseases. I wish infertility should eradicate hereafter and all should be healthy and get chance of baby and live a happy family life without any social and physical issues.

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