What are the basic reasons for rising Life Expectancy?

What do understand by Life Expectancy?

The basic meaning of Life Expectancy is that it is a statistical measure a person is expected to survive on earth. There is a term HDI (Human Development Index) which also studies about life expectancy, education and the per capital income of people in a particular country.

The higher the HDI the more developed is the state it says. The literal meaning of Human development is that it is the process of enlarging the freedom of people along with the increased opportunities and improved well being! Life expectancy is rising day by day due to various reasons, which has directly affected humans in various areas of life.

The main reasons for increasing Life Expectancy are:

1) Advanced Medical Treatments

You can see different medical advancements in today’s era. The old age is not liked by people and all need a new ripe age. Due to technological advances in treatments and various medications survival has increased.

2) Excellent drugs availability

There are many researches that have taken place and due to which there are various medicines and drugs that are today responsible for long life that is seen in today’s scenario.

3) Better Education system

Education has spread knowledge to all kind of people making them aware about various diseases and their medications that can save their lives. Social awareness has also played a larger role in saving lives.

4) Good Diet & Exercise

To live a healthy life exercise and balanced diet is the main key. Not only better medication facilities but better food and various health exercises have also raised the bar for raising the Life Expectancy. Death rate has also decreased due to this.

5) High rate of food production and distribution facilities

Due to various organic fertilizers people have invented the food production and distribution has increased largely allowing people to earn on a higher rate. The merchants & agents are removed and farmers have got the opportunities to earn direct. With good food quality health issues have decreased at a certain level. Distribution of goods has also increased. As there is fair transaction between people which helps them work willingly.

6) Improved water and sanitation facilities

Many states and countries have seen issues relating to health and sanitation. Thus it affects the health of people drastically which increases water borne disease too. But now due to HDI ranking system you might see a lot  improvement in these areas. Here the safety is maintained. And thus  Life Expectancy has also rapidly taken a shot.

7) Easy & Safe Lifestyle

Due to rising technological advances easy and safe life has become a lifestyle. It is loved by all and cherished too. Due to no more stressful techniques rising life expectancy is just so obvious.


As life is getting faster, life expectancy is getting more and more severe and needful day by day. To understand increased life expectancy, the above mentioned things are most important factors or reasons.


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