Beat The Heat With These Traditional Drinks!

I had written an article about how to protect your skin and hair during summers few days back!
Here i come up with my next article about food options which can protect you from heat stroke!
Mercury levels have no boundaries this summer, it is just crossing the mark every passing day.
Everyone is hit by this scorching heat.
Health benefits of drinking water is it helps to keep you hydrated.
At least 12-13 glasses a day is a must but in this summer thats not enough so here are few summer drinks which can help you in beating the heat!
(1) Bel sherbet-


– Prevents heat stroke.
– Body coolant.
– Healthy for gut.
– Rich in fiber.
Ingredients:- Jaggery, Jeera powder, Black salt and wood apple.
(2) Fruit lassi-
Image result for fruit lassi
– Body coolant
Ingredients:- Mango, Banana, Milk, Curd, Rose water, Elaichi, Honey.
(3) Guava Panna-
Image result for guava panna
– Prevents heat stroke.
– Guava is a rich source of vitamin C
– Body coolant
Ingredients:- Guava, Black salt, Red chilli powder, Jeera powder, Elaichi powder
(4) Mango Lassi-


– Prevents heat stroke.

-Seasonal fruit-Antioxidant booster.

-Curd helps in keeping your body naturally cool.

Ingredients:-:- Curd, Mangoes, 1/2 tsp of sugar.

(5) Mint-Peach Iced tea-
Related image
– Prevents heat stroke
– Peppermint acts an excellent coolant
Ingredients:- Water, sugar/stevia , tea bags , peppermint tea bag , Lemonade concentrate
(6) Strawberry lemonade-
Related image
– Easy summer drink recipe
– Boost of antioxidants to keep you hydrated
Ingredients:- Water, sugar/stevia, Lemon juice, strawberries, mint, lemon slices
(7) Lemon- orange squash-
Image result for lemon orange squash
– Excellent body coolant
Ingredients:- Lemons, water, sugar/stevia, kesar, elachi
(8) Sandalwood syrup drink-
Image result for sandalwood syrup
– Keeps your body fresh and cool
Ingredients:- Edible chandan powder, water, cane sugar/stevia
(9) Paan Gulkand Drink-
Related image
-Refreshing summer drink
Ingredients:- Betel leaves (Paan) , Cow milk/almond milk , chia seeds, rose syrup, gulkand, dry fruits chopped
(10) Panakam drink-
Image result for panakam
– Body coolant
Ingredients:- Jaggery, Water,dry ginger powder, Kali mirch powder, choti elachi powder , lemon juice, salt,tulsi leaves!
For all the recipes, simply mix all the ingredients together and blend!
Happy summer 🙂
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