Beetroot is entirely health packed vegetables, it will be in dark red and pink colored one. In Hindi beetroots are known as Chukandar. The taste of beetroot is not up to the mark, but they possess all essential nutrients in it and are completely healthy. It is a must included food in pregnant women’s daily diet. Beetroot revitalizes the body; it helps in natural detoxification of our body and does purification of blood. Generally drinking beetroot juice is highly recommended during 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Proper development in baby is seen on regular consumption of beetroot juice in early pregnancy period.  Water is found densely in beetroot, 87 % water content is present in beetroot. It has 3 percentage of fiber and 8 percentages of carbohydrates in it. 136 grams of boiled beetroot provides just less than sixty calories.

Fibre is densely seen in beetroots, also iron, vitamin-C, folate, phosphorous, potassium, proteins and manganese are densely found in beetroots. Inorganic nitrates are found largely in beetroots and the antioxidant named anthocyanadins are found plenty in this amazing vegetable. The other compounds like beta-cyanin found in these vegetable helps in natural detoxification of liver, thereby making the liver to remain healthier. Betaine found in beetroot helps to enhance the mood.


Now let us see the health benefits of eating beetroot on pregnant women’s diet;

  • Blood purification

Beetroots naturally help to purify the blood, thus toxins from body are removed, and so cleansed and purified blood goes to baby from mother. Thus health of baby is maintained, proper growth and development of baby can be attained.

  • Birth defect in babies are lowered

Beetroots help in proper growth of tissue on infants, the folate present in it helps to prevent the onset of birth defects in babies, that’s why beetroots are compulsory in a pregnant women’s diet. For good formation of spinal cord and proper development of brain of infant this folate plays a vital role, so you must include this beetroot compulsorily in your first trimester of pregnancy. So Spina bifida condition can be prevented on regular consumption of beetroot juice or eating it in cooked form.

  • Immunity power is enhanced

The immunity power in pregnant women body is boosted up on regular intake of beetroot juice in diet. Vitamin-c and other antioxidant present in beetroot makes it a perfect food to enhance your immune power in body, thereby helping out to ward off infections and other disorders.

  • Iron content is increased

Iron is required for the formation of haemoglobin; this haemoglobin is increased in pregnant women’s body on daily intake of beetroots in their diet, by doing so anaemia can be prevented on pregnant women. Beetroot are excellent source of iron and that’s why doctors recommend beetroot in their diet.

  • Liver health is improved

The toxins in body are eliminated by taking beetroot in diet, these beetroots helps in prevention of fat deposit on liver, thus your liver is made cleansed and healthier, by keeping the pregnant women’s liver healthy, the digestive system can be kept healthier and babies health is maintained,  because of its detox action, it helps in preventing from gaining weight.

  • Joint pain and swelling feet are prevented

This joint pain and swelling of feet’s are commonly found on pregnant women. Betaine nutrient are densely seen in this vegetable, it has anti-inflammatory property, which helps on preventing from swelling of feet and joint pains.

  • Blood sugar level is controlled

Gestational diabetes is seen among pregnant women’s, this beetroot has the power to low the conversion of sugar in body, and it’s all because of its low glycemic index. Thus blood sugar level is maintained or controlled in body.

Calcium is a must required nutrient for pregnant women, it helps in proper growth and development of babies, so calcium level in diet to be increased on the pregnant women diet, calcium is found densely in beetroot, it helps to strengthen the bones, thus helps in calcification, by keeping your bones stronger and healthier osteoporosis can be prevented on the pregnant women.

  • Stamina is increased

During pregnancy, there will be lot of increased function in body, growth and development of baby takes place now, because of it tiredness is seen easily on pregnant women. To increase the stamina level and get rid of fatigue, drinking beetroot juice is must in daily diet without fail.

There are lots of ways to include this amazing vegetable in diet like, taking them in salad form, drinking them as juice form, having them as cooked form. Simply you can add few beetroots to your favorite fruit juices and sip it out. Thus beetroots are undoubtedly a must required food for pregnant women.

Hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life.

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