The research study says that when there is high level of belly fat and if your waistline level is higher, that resulted in low vitamin-D level in blood. Now the vitamin-D is getting viral in recent days. Vitamin –D is produced when sunlight gets contact with the skin, this vitamin is produced in skin region. The Medical News Today had grouped this fat-soluble secosteroids; it is nothing but the vitamin-D. In-fact vitamin-D has the power to save your heart from heart failure, it has the power to protect against cancer, diabetes and hair loss can occur if you have deficiency of this vitamin-D. We all know that this vitamin is essential for health of bone it gives bone density. This vitamin also has the role in treating respiratory tract infection and auto immune diseases.

40 percentages of Americans have the vitamin-D deficiency problem. It is actually a serious problem that is said as ignored epidemic. If you see in worldwide overall one billion people are suffering from this vitamin- D deficiency. Researchers are tracking on that who are more prone to this problem and how that can be prevented in a better way. In various health conditions this vitamin plays a vital role there is a strong link between obesity and vitamin- d deficiency. Mr Rafiq and his team members deeply researched that which type of fat and in what location does it played a role.

For this study they had taken data from the nether land epidemiology of obesity, they took the group of men and women who are aged from 45-65. Total fat, visceral adipose tissue level, hepatic fat, abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue is calculated and noted from every person who took part in the study. The research study found that abdominal fat and total fat were linked t the low levels of vitamin-D in women. Elsewhere in men fat in abdomen and liver region are linked to low levels of vitamin-D.

In both male and female the more level of belly fat linked to low level of vitamin-D. Those who have higher waistline level are potentially at higher risk of this vitamin-D deficiency. So frequently you need to check your vitamin-D levels in blood. The next step in the study would be whether vitamin- d deficiency causes storage of abdominal fat or whether belly fat lowers the vitamin- D level in blood. It can take more time to find out the cause exactly and find out the effects of it.

Do you know vitamin D deficiency can cause loss in density of bone? That can lead to the development of fractures and osteoporosis. If you’re vitamin D deficiency is severe that can even result in other diseased conditions. Osteomalacia can occur in adults when there severe vitamin-D deficiency. In osteomalacia condition there will be bone pain, bone weakness and muscle weakness. In a study it shows that when deficiency of this vitamin D causes weight gain in women. When the women are not deficient in vitamin-D their weight gaining is not seen. Another study says that when the vitamin-D level is lower that caused gain in weight on the older women.

In order to increase your vitamin –D level, you can try to include fatty fishes like mackerel, tuna, and salmon. Beef liver is also rich source of this vitamin. Cheese, egg yolk, soymilk, cereals, fortified orange juice and dairy products are denser source of this Vitamin-D. You can incorporate these kinds of foods in your diet and improve your health naturally without any side effects.If you have muscle weakness and pain on bone frequently then it can be meant that you are suffering from vitamin-D deficiency. When this vitamin deficiency prolongs for more periods and in severe deficiency cases that can cause cardiovascular disease and finally that would end up in death of an individual.

Deficiency of vitamin-D can cause fatigue and tiredness, severe deficiency of this vitamin affects the quality of life. Daily intake of thousand to four thousand international unit of vitamin D is must and it will help to maintain optimum level of this vitamin in blood. Maximum 4000 IU of this vitamin would be safer level, more than this level we should not intake this vitamin get advised from your medical practitioner.

This is actually an observational level of study on vitamin-D. By this study alone we cannot take the cause of link between vitamin-D level and obesity. Increasingly the link between vitamin-D deficiency and obesity is growing, the next level of study will be on finding out the best effective way to sort out this issue.

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