From the ancient period till now bentonite clay is used in healing and has much of nourishment properties. When illness or any distress happens to animals they just start eating clay or mud to clear the poisonous substance from their body. Thus the detoxifying action of bentonite clay helps in removal of those harmful toxins from the body. If you want to detoxify your human body by both internally and externally means then try to use this bentonite clay to get benefit out.

The other term for bentonite clay is Montmorillonite clay. This clay is considered effective and best beneficial clay for healing purposes. The ways to use this clay is by applying it directly to the skin as an effective mud pack, during bathing, in skin care protection. When getting this bentonite clay make sure that it is grey or in cream color. If it is in pure white in color never purchase it. The appearance of bentonite clay is fine and like velvet feel in smoothness. Mountain rose herbs gives sodium bentonite clay.

The mechanism of action involved-

Bentonite clay has the power of electrical attraction thus when hydrated it acts with the fluid and thus absorbs all toxins from the body like a sponge. The heavy metals like mercury, other impurities, harmful toxins and other hazardous chemicals are removed from the body when used internally. This clay has a much negative charge that tends to bind with the positive charge from the dangerous toxins and thus absorbs the toxins and makes it eliminated from the human body. The required mineral to a human body is released from this clay also they help in the release of oxygen to the body cells.

Uses of Bentonite Clay

• It helps in treating well acid reflux, bloating, flatulence and constipation.
• Helps in healing the allergic reactions.
• If you want to get faster recovery from diarrhea and vomit use this bentonite clay internally.
• It helps in supply of natural minerals.
• It helps in removal of toxins and thus helps in detoxification.
• For faster healing and it is used widely in the cure for skin problems.
• When there is burn or cuts or bites then try using this clay by just taking few amount of clay and mix with water and apply on that specific area like a thick layer on the skin, then apply to it wet gauze and keep it as such, then change it once in every two hours for best results.
• If healthy and smooth skin to be attained, make a paste out of this bentonite clay and water, then put a mask on face and leave on skin for 20 minutes for good results.
• To maintain good oral health, use this clay like a tooth powder by just taking few amount of clay and brush your teeth.
• Take a small jar of it add ½ teaspoon of bentonite clay and ¼ cup of water. Then mix well in the jar by closing with lid and finally use this solution as a mouthwash, so that toxins from your mouth get removed also after rinsing with this solution orally, it whitens your teeth naturally.
• In most of the beauty care products this bentonite clay is present, thus helps in enhancement of beauty and skin care.

Try using this bentonite clay and stay benefited out.

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