Chia seeds ( Salvia hispanica) is the most common super foods which is coming in lot of lime light because of its wonderful health benefits! They are very easy to digest and mainly grown in Mexico which has a lot of  Nutritional value and medicinal properties is high. Once upon a time they were used as a currency substitute too!

Chia seeds are nutrients dense and has a lot of energy boosting properties. Warriors used to eat chia seed to give high endurance and energy. They could sustain for 24 hours without eating anything and still had enough energy to fight. Chia defined as strength in mayan (which is a language). Chia seed helps in maintaining healthy skin, reduces signs of ageing, supports good heart and digestive system.

Nutrition profile of chia seeds :

Chia seeds are beneficial as they are rich in fiber, good fats, healthy vitamins and minerals.

28 grams of chia seeds contains about :

137 calories 

12.3 grams carbohydrates 

4.4 grams protein 

8.6 grams fat 

10.6 grams fiber 

Chia seeds also contain essential fatty acids like alpha linolenic and linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin D with minerals including  iron, iodine, sulphur, magnesium, thiamine, niacin and  manganese.

They are excellent source of antioxidants too!

Benefits of chia seeds :

There are so many benefits of chia seeds and there are many researches which are going on that proves many of its benefits!

Lets have a look at them closely :

1.Healthy skin and anti ageing effects

  • Chia seeds are very rich in antioxidants which helps in repairing skin systems and prevents further damages to skin. Chia seeds can prevent premature skin ageing due to inflammation and free radical damage which happens.

2.  Helps in managing digestive health

  • Chia seeds are very high in fibre. According to American dietetic association, One serving of chia seed helps in providing the recommended dietary allowance for the day.
  • Fibre is extremely important to take care of body’s insulin levels. Research was done which proved that chia and flaxseeds can be used to control blood glucose levels.
  • Since it is high in dietary fibre, chia seeds helps in dealing with constipation issues, excellent to maintain gut microbiome and fills it up with good bacteria.
  • Since chia seed have higher fibre content, it helps in maintaining satiety in people so you are full for a longer period of time.
  • Chia seeds create a gelatin like substance in the stomach. This substance is formed because of soluble fibre in chia seed and it works as a prebiotic.

 3. Helps in maintaining good heart health

  • Chia seed helps in reverse inflammation in the body.
  • It helps in regulating lipid levels.
  • It helps in regulating blood pressure which is excellent for heart health.
  • Helps in relieving oxidative stress in the body and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis if chia seeds is consumed on everyday basis.

4.  Helps in reducing blood glucose levels

  • Chia seed is rich in alpha linolenic acid and fiber which helps in reducing insulin resistance and reduces dyslipidemia issues.
  • It helps in reducing visceral fat deposits.
  • It helps in halting diabetes and reverse it.

5. Helps in boosting your energy and metabolism

  • It helps in burning belly fat.
  • Helps in increasing its metabolism.
  • Research was done where gatorade was given to half control and half control were given chia seeds drink and both the controls had the same effect in their sports.

6. Helps in developing stronger bones

  • Handful of chia seed will give us 18 percent of the recommended amount of calcium.
  • Calcium is required to maintain your bone health.
  • Chia seeds also contain boron which is another essential nutrient for bone health.
  • Boron is required to metabolise calcium.

7. Chia seeds may help you to build muscle and loose weight

  • Very good plant protein source.
  • Helps in burning fat.
  • Balancing glucose levels in the body.
  • excellent source of antioxidant.
  • It helps in prolonging hydration and improves the absorption of electrolytes.

8. It helps in fighting breast cancer

  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Research has shown that chia seeds is a super food which helps in fighting against cancer cells.

9. It helps in taking care of your dental health 

  • Chia seed is a very good source of phosphorous, calcium, vitamin A and zinc which helps in maintaining dental health.

How to consume chia seeds?

I keep getting this question very often, should i eat chia seeds raw or soak it.

Well there is definitely a logical explanation to that.

There is no harm in eating chia seed raw but when you soak it, you sprout it which releases enzyme inhibitors which helps in protecting the seed.

Whenever you eat food, you should make the complete use of it.

Soaking it helps in getting the maximum nutrients.

Always soak chia seed in 1 cup of water overnight so that it can sprout completely.

Try to have it early morning empty stomach.

you can have ground chia seeds powder as well…

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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