How Exercise can keep your body fit

What are the Benefits of Fitness And Exercise?

Do you know your body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy? From boosting up your mood to adding energy, and enhancing your sex life, exercise can benefit you in a number of ways. If you want to feel better or you want to increase your lifespan, exercise can make it possible for you. There is no doubt that a healthy diet accounts for about 80% of the benefits of fitness and exercise that lead to a healthy lifestyle. According to research, almost every second person in the world nowadays dies because of the heart related problems. But those who exercise on the regular basis, they are free from the risk of dying from the heart attack or heart diseases.

There are numerous benefits of fitness and exercise that include increased energy, positive attitude, better health, good mood, and greater strength. So, physical fitness adds strength to your body by normalizing glucose, leptin, and insulin level in your body. Exercising regularly has a plethora of benefits that affect the body in countless ways. It is really difficult to exercise on the daily basis because of your hectic schedule, but it is essential to take out some time for the physical fitness.

What is Fitness in terms of staying young forever?

It is important for every person to maintain a good level of physical fitness. But what is actually fitness and how can a person stay fit. The United States Department of Health and Human Services defines physical fitness as “a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity”. Maintaining the physical fitness level in your body can help you in staying away from a number of diseases. Fitness is not just about any specific body part, but physical fitness includes different components like muscular strength, body composition, flexibility, and muscle endurance.

What are the different benefits of exercise and fitness that can keep your body fit and healthy?

Thoughany fitness and exercise program depends on the way a person follows it, there are certain benefits that are associated with every kind of fitness and exercise program.

Here are some of the benefits of exercise and fitness that can keep you healthy:
i). Exercise fights different types of diseases:

Are you worried because of any disease? No matter whether you are suffering from any heart disease, blood pressure problem, unhealthy liver, or any other kind of disease, exercise has a solution to all kind of problems and diseases. Exercising on the regular basis can keep you prevented from a wide range of health concerns or issues like depression, different types of cancer problems, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis.

ii). Exercise offers better sleep:

Are you not able to sleep properly or struggling to snooze? If yes, then regular fitness and exercise programs can help you in deepening your sleep and falling you asleep faster. But ensure not to do exercise close to bedtime as you will feel so energized that it would be difficult for you to fall asleep quickly.

iii). Exercise can keep your skin glowing and soft:

According to the research done at McMaster University in Ontario, a study was done on the skin type of adults between the age group of 20 to 84 years. Adults who are frequent exercisers and above the age of 40 years are found to have skin similar to the elastic skin of adults in 20s and 30s. Therefore, it can be said that exercise can help your skin to keep young and glowing always.

iv). Exercise enhances flexibility:

As soon as you start getting older, your joints and muscles start getting fixed in place while leaving you to feel rickety and stiff. But if you add workout and exercise like Yoga, aerobics, etc. to your daily routine, it can make your body more flexible.

v). Exercise can keep your metabolism high:

Metabolism gradually slows with your age, so it is good to ignore the pound creepage while growing old. To maintain a healthy and steady weight, it is beneficial to schedule regular fitness and health sessions that are helpful in increasing the calories you burn. Adding resistance training to your routine can be beneficial in building the muscle mass. So, keep your metabolism high and strong with the help of exercise and workout.

vi). Exercise is helpful in reducing belly fat:

As soon as you step into the middle age, you could get fat on your thighs or hips that start showing up along the belly. Most of the women get a lot of belly fat, especially after the menopause stage. Increasing fat in the body can lead to a number of health issues or diseases like a heart attack or diabetes. It has been researched that the cardio workouts are more effective in losing more belly fat as compared to strength training workouts.

Different types of fitness:

To keep yourself fit and healthy, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle that focuses on improving endurance, flexibility, balance, and strength. The physical fitness is categorized into five different forms that are as follows:

i). Muscular Strength Fitness:

Muscular strength fitness is aimed at strengthening and building muscles. To give strength to your muscles, the strength training is really very helpful. Strength training is beneficial for maintaining the bone structure that makes your bones stronger.Running never falls under the category of strength training. The best way of enhancing the muscle strength is to do weight lifting or gym sessions.

ii). Flexibility:

Flexibility is never defined by wrapping your legs around the head or touching the toes. Rather, flexibility is defined as the ability to perform any action freely and without pain. To be able to perform any movement without pain, it is essential to do exercises on the regular basis. Stretching exercises have the ability to make your body flexible. So, make sure to practice stretching exercises so as to enhance the flexibility of your body.

iii). Cardiovascular Fitness:

As the name suggests, the cardiovascular term is related to the heart and blood vessels. When it comes to cardiovascular fitness, it means that it is related to the working of heart i.e. how well does your heart work and how well does heart pump the blood. So, improving cardio fitness means to make your heart pumping the blood at the right level. Running activity can help you in improving your cardiovascular fitness. So, cardiovascular fitness activities are highly responsible for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

iv). Muscular endurance fitness:

This type of fitness is quite similar to muscle strength fitness only, but it helps in building a leaner muscle. The best way to maintain the muscle endurance fitness is to do exercises like boxing, cross country running, rowing machines, and long distance running, etc.

v). Body composition:

Keeping your body fit also depends on the body composition. Body composition is defined as making up of your body i.e. making up of your bones, blood, muscles, and as well as fat. When it comes to the body fat, many people feel that a body should be fat-free. But it is completely wrong as your body needs a right amount of fat as having less fat can be dangerous for your health. So, make sure that your body is composed of the right amount of substances.

Best exercises that help you in staying fit and healthy:

i). Walking:

Walking is a simple, yet effective exercise that one should add to their exercise routine. It is helpful in improving cholesterol levels, keeping blood pressure normal, strengthening bones, and lifting up your mood. According to some research, it has also been found that walking is really effective in improving your memory.

To walk for about 15-20 minutes tirelessly, you would have to buy the supportive pair of shoes that make you feel comfortable throughout the walking activity.

ii). Squats:

Squats are the most effective exercises that are helpful for burning your calories. Squats involve up and down motion of the body that is same as the motion of getting out of the char. To perform the squat activity, you need to keep your back straight, knees over the ankles, spread feet apart as per the shoulder length with extended arms and then going downward via butt and returning back to original position. Once you learn how to do squats, stop using the chair and practice it effectively.

iii). Swimming:

Swimming is the perfect workout that anyone can think about. According to researchers, swimming is helpful in lifting up your mood and enhancing your mental state. Many people prefer doing water aerobics as it can help them in burning calories and toning up the body.

iv). Crunches:

Crunch is the most effective type of exercise that is efficient in strengthening up your muscles and body. Start doing crunches by lying on your back keeping feet flat on the floor and resting your head in your palms. Make sure to contract the abdominal muscles, raise the head, then neck, shoulders, and upper back off the floor. After raising these body parts, lower back down and repeat the same for 10-15minutes. There are different ways for performing crunches. Get mastered in crunches and say no to health issues or diseases.

v). Yoga:

For last many years, Yoga has been in practice for keeping a body fit and healthy. Helping the body to become more flexible and stress-free, Yoga is practiced a lot these days by everyone across the world. Yoga lets you feel happier and peaceful by keeping you away from any kind of stress or problems. These are the mental benefits of yoga.

vi). Push-ups:

The basic form of push-up can help you in strengthening the core muscles as well as an upper body like shoulder, triceps, and chest. Extend your arms slightly more than the shoulder keeping width apart with hands against an unmovable object like the floor of your room.

vii). The plank:

Since it is helpful in tightening the deepest core muscles of your body, therefore the plank is considered one of the most effective exercises. In this type of exercise, you need to make use of your arms for raising yourself off the floor and keep the body straight for a few minutes like a plank of wood. It is simple to perform planks as you can simply perform it anywhere and anytime.

viii). Lunges:

Lunges are somewhat similar to the squats, but it requires additional leg movements. To perform the lunges, a person needs to take a step forward in such a way that knee should form the 90-degree angle. But you need to make sure to keep the spine in neutral position i.e. upright position. Once you master the lunge, you can do exercise by placing the leg to the right or left to mimic more variable movement.


Ques1: Which are the best exercises that you can do at the workplace?

Ans1: Many people face the obesity problem because they remain stuck to their desk all throughout the day. So, there are many easy to do exercises that you can do anytime at your workplace.

a). The mover and shaker:

Get rid of stress and add some energy by dancing at your seat only when no one is watching you. Plug in the earphones, play your favorite music and enjoy a quick bout of seated dancing.

b). Look around:

It is the easiest, yet effective exercise you can do at your desk. Turn your head to the left, look towards your shoulder and hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this activity from left side to right side for a few minutes on the daily basis.

c). Chest opener:

Take your hand to your back and join the palms together. Sit straight and stay in this position for around 10-15 seconds.

Ques2: Which are the best places for doing exercises effectively?

Ans2: Some of the best places to do exercises effectively are as follows:

  • Home.
  • Recreational Park.
  • Gym.
  • Making your own gym at home.

Ques3: How can one determine if a person is physically fit or not?

Ans3: Since fitness is categorized into five different forms, namely muscular strength, flexibility, cardio respiratory fitness, body composition, and muscular endurance. If a person is fit in all components of the physical fitness, he or she is considered physically fit.

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