“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” – Annie Wilson

Good health being the most essential part of anyone’s life should be given the first priority in any case and some easy home remedies can actually help in getting the best worth and value without any kind of effort. Today we will talk about how application of oil on belly button can give amazing results.

The belly button on our stomach connects the fetus to the umbilical cord at the time of pregnancy. This helps in providing nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the child. Once the baby is born the tube is detached leaving behind the stump.

Natural oils help in the improvement of health in miraculous ways. Apart from affecting the health of a person they also effect the emotional and spiritual side. Belly button to our surprise is the best place to apply oil for betterment.

Here are some of the oils which when applied on your belly button will surely amaze you with its benefits:

1.Almond oil for glowing skin:


Almond oil when applied to your belly button can help in getting glowing skin and you can get rid of blemishes and marks. It is not only beneficial for your hair but it can also be a reason for your glowing skin. Apart from this they also prevents wrinkles on the skin of an aging women.

2.Mustard oil to get rid of dry lips:

mustard oil

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and dry or chapped lips can put an ugly spot on the beauty of anyone. Moistening your lips to avoid any kind of peeling or dryness is not always easy and the lip balms and lipsticks don’t stay put forever. Thus applying mustard oil on your belly button can help in getting rid of this problem. This helps in nourishment and proper moisturizing as required.

3.Coconut oil for multiple benefits:

coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best solution for a multiple problem if applied on the belly button. The amazing benefits provided by it is an astonishment for all. It helps in getting glowing skin and shiny hair. Apart from these benefits it also helps in medical uses like improving fertility, getting rid of cold and flu.

For getting relief from menstrual cramps and pain this is the best home remedy without any benefits.

The added perk of application of coconut oil is the betterment of eyesight which is a unique and an unknown benefit.

4.Neem oil to get rid of pimples and acne:

neem oil

Pimples and acne are irritating and they diminish the beauty of anyone along with the confidence. Instead of spending too much money on beauty products this simple technique of apply neem oil on your belly button can do wonders. You can clearly say goodbye to the stubborn pimples and the results will be visible very soon.

5.Lemon Oil for pigmentation:


Face pigmentation is the worst nightmare of which every aging women is scared off. Taking appointments and visiting dermatologists costs a lot but this simple remedy can solve such a problem very easily. Lemon juice mixed with any kind of oil has acidic properties and thus it can fix the pigmentation problem efficiently. It gives great results when applied on your belly button.

6.Tea Oil to prevent infection:

Tea oil

If the belly button gets dirty and is not cleaned well it becomes the home for a multiple bacteria and fungi. This might lead to infections and if left wet. If any kind of infection is developed in the body the best solution is to apply tea oil on your belly button twice a day till the infection is cured. Tea oil is best for this because it has strong anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

In mythology and Ayurveda our navel chakra is considered a big source of energy and positivity. It is thus important to keep the navel balanced. For this rapeseed oil is used. The massage with few drops can be very beneficial. Sandalwood and rosewood oils can give added benefits if massaged one time in a week.

How to apply the oil on belly button:

Take the oil of your choice and dunk the cotton balls in it. Place the cotton balls on the belly button for few minutes and then you can massage for better results. It is important that the oils are diluted first as some of them are high concentrated and may irritate your skin. It is always advisable that before using any new oil you check on a patch of skin to make sure that you are not allergic to it.

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