Muscle ache are the most commonly occurring one to everyone, it has other name called myalgia (muscle pain). The pain on muscle can be found in any region of the body, since our human body consist of several muscle tissues surrounding all the parts of the body.

The Reason for Muscle Ache

  • Too much stress or tension, indulge in heavy physical activity are the primary reasons for the muscle ache.
  • When over usage of particular muscle in an exercise also can be the causative for developing myalgia.

What to be done immediately

  • Rest the particular muscle where pain is found, so that muscle relaxation is attained. Also it eases the pain and makes the patient in comfort.
  • Affected area can be applied with ice cubes; so that pain can be relived to some extent also it helps in reducing the inflammation.


Muscle aches can be treated well when following the home remedies correctly, now let’s see what are the ingredients used in treating muscle ache and how to prepare the tea which helps in cure of myalgia.

  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Ginger
  • Water

Mode of preparing cinnamon tea

Take a vessel, in that pour water and allow water to boil nicely till the boiling point, after that add ginger to it then add cinnamon keep stirring allow it to boil for ten minutes, then switch off the flame and allow to cool the water, so that the essence of cinnamon and ginger get inside the water. Now strain off the water, discard the ginger and cinnamon, have only the water, to it add little honey and drink this cinnamon tea. This spice tea is helpful in treating persistent joint pain too.

Cinnamon is an excellent ingredient and spice that helps in reducing inflammation, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it helps in cure of muscle ache, for best results one who have muscle ache has to drink this cinnamon tea twice a day until the pain suppress and gets relieved completely


The active compound found in ginger is gingerol; this compound helps in relief of joint pains and also acts as an effective immune system health enhancer, we all heard about the health benefits of ginger in treating nausea, vomiting, morning sickness and in dizziness conditions, such a wonderful home remedy ingredient that must be kept available always in everyone’s kitchen.


The anti- inflammatory properties of cinnamon makes it much suitable ingredient for relieving muscle aches, cinnamon helps in weight loss, it has the property to decrease the blood sugar level, also it helps in functioning of the human brain in a good condition.

Immediate thing that has to be done is give heat or cold on the affected area that helps in reducing swelling also act as a muscle relaxant.

If muscle soreness occurs have warm shower, vitamin-C rich foods and wormwood helps in healing muscle injuries faster. Muscle sprain occurs due to excess stretch of the ligaments which surrounds joints. Thus this common occurring muscle ache is curable effectively with the home based ingredients itself, try it out and get benefitted out of this simple home remedy.

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