To get bright and a lighter complexion is wish for everyone of us, though you may have a fair complexion but pigmentation on neck or back and skin tone different on particular area alone, that makes the person to mentally upset and it actually decreases their confidence level. Don’t worry in this session we are going to discuss on natural home remedies to get a even toned and a fairer complexion, that too easily at home by very simple methods, so erase your sorrows and increase hope and self confidence on you by making your skins radiant glow. Do you know the cause for pigmentation or discoloration on skins; yes it is harmful ultra violet rays that only affect your skin due to higher exposure of skins to these rays. The use of creams made of chemicals may further cause discoloration and side effects. So don’t go for those chemical based methods to beautify you, use natural homemade remedies simply at home to correct the burned skin and make your skin visibly radiant glow and lighter.

The best home remedies for glowing and healthy skin

Yogurt with orange peels


For this face mask you need to dry the orange peels in hot sun well, then powder it and keep it aside. Take a mixing bowl to it add one tablespoon of dried orange peel powder, one tablespoon of plain yogurt and mix well. Then apply it on your face and skin for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards wash the skin with water and wipe it off. To get even toned complexion faster with good lightening glow use this remedy thrice in a week and see the difference in your complexion.

Tomato yogurt face mask


This is a best effective face mask that lightens your skins; it is suitable for every type of skin. All you have do is powder the oats in a blender well, then take one tablespoon of powder oats in a mixing bowl, to it add one tablespoon of tomato juice and one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Now mix well to get a good paste of it. Now your glowing face mask is ready to be used at home. Apply this pack for half an hour, and then wash it in Luke warm water. You may get a good glowing skin with improved complexion in your first usage itself.

Milk and honey combination pack


This face pack is easy to prepare, since all were available usually at every homes. Just mix milk, honey and lemon juice in a mixing bowl. Now you can apply this pack on your face and skin to lighten your complexion, it is so simple, easy to follow and you get good result while compare to your chemical products. Honey and lemon juice has the bleaching property, that lightens your skin and gives skin even tone. Try it out and stay benefited.



Yogurt is most of us favorite, we love to have yogurt, and it has good digestive properties. It acts as a natural probiotic. When coming to skins care this yogurt helps to improve your complexion, due to the bleaching property present in yogurt. The lactic acid on yogurt has this skin lightening effects. Simply take fresh yogurt and apply on your face throughout evenly, let it dry for 30 minutes, then wash with water. On continuous usage of this pack, you get a brighter and lighten complexion. For further more benefit use little lemon juice or honey to yogurt and apply on your skin and see the magic, it really works.



Lemon has a good bleaching property, the vitamin-C present in lemon helps to improve your skin complexion; it makes your skin fairer and lightens. Just take half a lemon and rub it on your face evenly on a circular action. Do this daily to get better results and faster results. Let this lemon juice remain on your skins for 15-20 minutes, then wash away it with cold water. You can get a brighter and radiant glowing skin easily with this method.

Gram flour


I hope many of us know this remedy and try it out this at home, it is very simple, but it usage gives a fairer skin, free from blackheads and clears the excess oil on skin. Gram flour has to be taken in a mixing bowl, to it add rose water and mix well, now apply this paste evenly on your face and neck, this helps to remove the discoloration. Thereby you can get an even toned fairness at home. Still for further enrichment of this pack add little turmeric powder to this pack and apply. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Then wash with normal water. You can see visible changes in your skin glow in your first application itself.

I hope all this skin lightening remedies will be useful to you, it is really  beneficial, all you need to do is keep regularly practicing this home remedies, so that you get a fairer skin with even toned fairness by naturally at home. It doesn’t cost higher to get these above mentioned ingredients, but you may get very effective proven results. Thanks for reading out my article. Next time will get some other beneficial topic, till then bye bye.

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