The Best Friend Of Human Is The Best Friend Of His Health Too

Well, it is a very old known saying that the dogs are the best friends of humans. And honestly, I have no opposing view. Most of the people out there will agree with me. There is nothing better than having a dog as your pet. A dog is the one, who is always around you. He is the very first one to greet you when you come home after a tiring long tail. He just wants your love, running around you wagging his tail. He is the one, who will never make you feel that you are alone. And he is the best medicine to distress.

Just hanging around the dogs can do wonders for your mood, and your health. They will always be by your side, no matter what. Whether you are happy, or you are sad, or angry, or crying. They will just never leave you. They attach themselves to you. They consider you as a part of their family. They are so intelligent animals. They can understand your emotions and can assist you to convert your negative emotions into positive ones by making you smile. Dogs can help you make feel better mentally, as well as physically. Being a pet dog owner is a benefit.

Here are some of the ways how the dogs are good for your health:

  1. Dogs keep you active, and fit. The owners of the dogs are more likely to be active during a major part of their day, than a person without a dog. Playing with your dog, and walking down your dog is excellent for your own health too. Increased activity in your adulthood helps you to remain mobile in your old age.
  1. Helps you to lose your weight. As said earlier, the dog helps you to be active, and fit. This increased physical activity on your part will help you to reduce your weight and achieve a healthy weight, and body-mass index.
  1. Maintains your blood pressure. Having a dog at your home is good for your blood pressure. The high blood pressure levels can be brought to normal levels by the dogs. When you are with your dog you tend to feel more relaxed, which leads to the lowering of the high blood pressure. The lowered levels of the blood pressure from a high blood pressure level further enhance your heart health.
  1. Stress reduction. Dogs are the masters of reducing your stress levels. The dog owners feel happy around their dogs. This reduces their anxiety, and lead to the secretion of a hormone, serotonin. Another hormone is also released, which is called as dopamine. Both these hormones make you feel relaxed and calm.
  1. Detection of diseases. Dogs can detect when you are ill and are suffering from a disease. Some trained dogs can even detect cancers in the humans, even in the early stages. Not only do the dogs detect your illness, but they can help you to battle with them.

Now you see, how dogs are the best friends of the human health. So, do you think it’s time to adopt a dog? My opinion, go for it.

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Heena Joon

Heena Joon is a post-graduate in forensic science, who loves writing. She believes that being healthy and fit is a way to lead a prosperous life. She is also a poet, who publishes her poems on online writing platforms. Article writing is her forte, and she writes about everything.

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