Everybody will get burns definitely at least once in their lifetime on body. It is very commonly occurring one. Especially housewife get this burns more often, due to hurry in cooking. Even our kids get these burns easily during Diwali celebration etc. Few burns are temporary and they disappear after sometimes, elsewhere some burns are long lasting and they cause severe scars, also need immediate medical attention too. Generally burn need immediate attention; otherwise they may form blisters which are highly painful, burns in mild level takes 2 weeks time to heal. Elsewhere one month time is required to heal larger burn. One thing you must remember is, sun burn with high blistering can turn into skin cancer on later period of life. So proper medical treatment at right time is must.


  1. First degree
  2. Second degree
  3. Third degree
  4. Fourth degree

Note very severe burns like third and fourth degree burns need immediate medical treatment, these given home remedies can be practiced for first degree and second degree burns.

Best remedies to treat burns easily at home-

Mint Toothpaste


In minor burn region first you show it in cold water, then allow it to dry using paper towel, then apply one layer of minty tooth paste on that region, this helps to cure the burn easily and faster. Without pot holder if you touch something hot, then that time it would cause burns, on that cases this remedy works well effectively.



If you have minor burn, and then take this vanilla extract. Take one cotton swab and dab on burn region gently throughout. Vanilla extract cools the burn, thus making it painless, or ease of pain. Also it helps in healing burns faster.

Tea Bags


The tannic acid found in black tea helps in healing burns faster; this tannic acid soothes the burn and makes it less paining. Tea bags of black tea which is wet can be placed on the burn region. It helps to ease the pain and burns get treated well by this home remedy easily.



Here white vinegar must be used; these vinegar contain acetic acid, which helps out in lessening the pain, reduces the itching on burns and lowers the inflammation level. White vinegar is astringent and they are antiseptic too. Thus they have the power to avoid infection on burn areas. Take paper towel and dilute the white vinegar in water, now dip these paper towels on diluted vinegar and use this as cold compress on burn region, it works faster and highly recommended remedy in cure of burns easily. The other way to use white vinegar is to take cotton, now dilute the vinegar in water and now dip on this vinegar solution and apply gently on the affected region.



Honey has antibiotic effect and it soothes and relieves the pain easily, also the infection can be prevented on burn region by the use of honey. When topically applied honey on minor burn areas, it will destroy those harmful bacteria and thus infection is prevented. Honey has the property to cool down the burn and helps in lessening the pain on that region and thus makes in healing burns soon and safer.



If you need faster healing from minor burn then for fifteen minutes soak the burn region well with milk, for this full-fat milk can be used, the protein and fat found on milk helps in lessening the pain, cooling down the burn and also promoting in faster healing. Try using yogurt on the burn region, it does real magic by cooling down and lessening the pain and assist in heal of burns naturally and effectively.



Oats has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the inflammation. Take one cup of oats soak it in tap water well and apply that on burn region, it helps in faster relief from burns and irritations are lowered and thus soothes the burn. Also you can try adding little baking soda to the tap water and mix well with oats and apply it topically, it lowers the itching, and sunburns can be treated well by this oats, don’t ignore it, try it and get benefited out.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

The fatty acids found in coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, also the vitamin E present in coconut oil helps in healing burns. Thus the infection is prevented on burn region, take little lemon juice mixed with coconut oil, now apply this mixture on the affected region, and it helps in preventing the scar or lowering the scar occurrence and also helps in treating burn easily.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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