Open wounds are highly painful; they take lot of time to cure. These open wounds also create permanent mark on skin region, there are lots of allopathic medicines available to heal these open wounds, but you know there are real magical wound healers available in our kitchen, which helps in healing these open wounds faster naturally. They are easily available in our kitchen most of times. Open wounds will also have pus formation in it, all this can be cured by using the kitchen ingredients, but make sure to use this home remedies only on small wounds and not on major wounds or injuries. In major injuries you may need to pay immediate medical attention without delay. For best results follow these home remedies regularly and get treated these open wounds naturally and effectively at home.

Top 7 home remedies to treating open wounds



Turmeric is a natural medicine which posses both antibiotic and antiseptic properties, it is used widely in several areas like medicine, beauty and in kitchen. An amazing spice which has all goodness of healing. It is used from ancient period to till now in healing open wounds. The active ingredient found in turmeric is curcumin, which provides in healing wounds fastly. When the wound gets bleeded then you may gently apply turmeric on it, then you see the difference bleeding will get stopped soon. Drinking one glass of turmeric milk or golden milk in night times helps in treating open wounds very faster.

2.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing property of aloe Vera makes it a perfect choice in healing open wounds. The phytochemical present in aloe vera reduces the inflammation and lessens the pain. Extract the gel from aloe Vera, then apply the gel on the open wounds, now allow it to dry. Once it gets dried, now you may wash it out with warm water. Then dry it with neat towel.

3.Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil has the power to heal wounds and less the pain. The infection can be prevented by application of coconut oil on open wounds. Coconut oil has anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects which helps in healing wounds faster. The scarring of wound can be prevented by proper application of coconut oil on open wounds. Take coconut oil and apply it on the wound region, then you can use a clean cloth to cover that region, let it remain. Topical application of coconut oil must be there at least thrice in a day for faster relief from these open wounds and thus easier healing occurs.



open wounds

The anti-microbial property found in onion helps in healing open wounds. The allicin present in onion protect the wound from getting infected. The way to use onion on healing wounds is, take few onion and little honey, and grind them together in a blender. Now you can apply this paste on the open wounds, you can see good results. The infection is prevented and wound get’s healed faster by the topical application of onion and honey mixture, tries it out and see.



Regular application of honey on open wounds can help in preventing the infections and faster relief. Honey has anti-inflammatory, anti- fungal and anti-bacterial property which helps in destroy of bacteria on open wounds and thus protecting from the occurrence of infection.


heat boils

Garlic is another natures gift, it posses all goodness. The anti-microbial and antibiotic property of garlic has the power to stop bleeding immediately; also it can help in lowering the pain on wound. Thus garlic helps in faster healing of wounds. So if you have wound with bleeding you may just crush little garlic and place it on the wound, the bleeding gets stopped and wound will get healed easily and fastly.

7.Limestone Powder

open wounds

The other name for limestone powder is chuna, it is used in paan. These limestone powder has wound healing power, just take little limestone powder and turmeric, heat them slightly then you can directly apply this mixture on open wounds, you may wonder after sometime the wound will get healed completely and free from infections. It’s very simple and effective way to cure the open wounds easily at home, so just try it out and stay benefited.

Just stay away from sunlight, don’t expose your wound on sunlight, because the UV rays can worsen the wound and make scarring very deeper, the sunlight delays the healing of wound. If you have urgent work in outside just you may cover the wound with cloth and then go out.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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