The appearance of pubic hair and formation of breast are the signs of puberty on girls, there will be occurrence of menstrual cycle from that moment on them. This puberty occurs naturally on girls, which is unavoidable. Puberty has to be faced by every girl, but in not too earlier phase, since that can stress them emotionally and physically. So too early puberty on young girls can be avoided or it can be delayed by following the suggested ways in this session. This puberty can be delayed by natural ways without any side effects. Before hundred years ago puberty occurs at the age of sixteen, but now the puberty occurs very earlier age it, in order to put an end to this early puberty, every parents must follow the natural ways to avoid the puberty in early stage of girls.

Now let us see what is the best possible ways which can be practiced naturally to delay the onset of early puberty on young girls.

  • Avoid taking processed and canned foods

Everyone knows that these canned and processed foods are not healthy choice, these are rich in sugar and preservatives are present on higher amount on these foods, these preservatives causes early puberty, also there are chances for occurrence of hormonal imbalance on them, so it is best advised to avoid taking processed and canned foods.

  • Antibiotics enriched meats to be avoided in diet

For faster growth of hen and goat, many inject these antibiotics on them. When taken these meats, that can cause early puberty on young girls and they cause harmful to the body. Antibiotics are generally used to treat the infections effectively, but they are danger when taken internally, our body resistance to these antibiotics is enhanced and that might cause serious hazardous effects on human health.

  • Reduce the weight

Excess in body weight are the primary cause for early puberty on young girls. Since excess in body weight may lead to higher deposition of fat cells on body and that may further lead to the increased production of oestrogen in their body, which would lead to attaining early puberty on young girls.

  • Sugar intake to be lowered

When you’re sugar intake is higher in diet, that cause increased body weight. Sugar when taken in higher amount, that would cause obesity and also the blood sugar level, will be increased. There will be spike in insulin level and that causes increase in sex hormones on body, which may be the cause for early puberty on younger girls. So it is better to stay away from sugar enriched drinks and colas.

  • Physical exercise is must

Regular exercise has multiple benefits to human body, in younger girls on doing regular exercise it can help to delay the occurrence of puberty. On doing physical activity regularly, that helps to use the oestrogen. Thus menstruation and puberty gets delayed on performing exercise, minimum thirty to sixty minutes of exercise is compulsory that to be followed every day without fail.

  • Fibre rich foods to be taken

Fibre consumption in diet helps to delay the puberty and the fat accumulation on body is prevented. You can have whole grains in your diet, also have plentiful of fruits and raw vegetables in diet. These fibre rich foods help you in delaying puberty on young girls. Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables, which is healthier option to choose the fibre rich foods in diet.

  • Sound sleep is must

Sound sleep is essential in children, the hormone named melatonin is required to get a good sleep, if the melatonin hormone secretion is affected in body, then sleep disorders arise, when you start sleeping well, then melatonin hormone secretion can be regulated in body and that can help out in delaying the onset of early puberty.

  • Sunscreens enriched with chemicals to be avoided or limited

Sunscreens are essential to protect our skin, but now a days the sunscreens that is available on market are enriched with chemicals and that does harmful to skin and human body. The chemicals present in these sunscreens are the cause for the early occurrence of puberty in young girls. Try to choose organic sunscreen from market that will be free from hazardous chemicals and also you can prevent the early occurrence of puberty.

The emotional stress on children to be lowered, those stresses can accelerate the production of oestrogen hormone in body and that can cause early puberty on younger girls. When you follow these guidelines, you can prevent the early puberty on your child, since at younger age why to struggle a lot and suffer with severe pain that is not bearable. Puberty is must but there is a correct time to attain it, never permit your child for early puberty.

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