A good mental health is crucial for a successful life and is also important for preventing physical ailments. A good mental health refers to psychological well being along with a self actualized personality.

Here are awesome tips to sound mental health:

Good Sleep:

A minimum of eight hours of sleep is important for a good mental health and for a day full of positivity. A lack of sleep makes one lethargic and this creates problems with everyday activities. According to research of humans and other animals it was discovered that sleep plays an important role in immune function, memory, and other functions.


Yes, you heard it right? Get your colours and start colouring everyday for a minimum of half an hour and see your mind thank you for the same. Adult colouring can lower stress and anxiety levels, help you focus on things, and increase positive thoughts in your mind.

Spend time with animals:

Spending time with a favorite animal such as a dog gives an immediate boost to your mood and viola …you are ready to face the world. People who own pets tend to have lower blood pressure, heart rate, and heart disease risk as compared to those who don’t.

Spend time with friends:

Spending time with friends gives you the required connect you want to feel with your loved ones and keeps your stress at bay. Friends can help you see things in perspective. Friends can be the psychological support for the problems that we encounter.

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Maintain a journal:

Maintaining a journal would help in bringing out the thoughts on paper.  Journaling can help reduce stress, manage anxiety and cope with depression.

Experiment with new things:

Try new things such as painting drawing and anything which you love doing. This would give a sense of thrill and make you happy. This also helps in avoiding stress and reminds you that little things can definitely make you happy.

Be Prosocial:

Be pro social and try to help others. This would keep the mind positive. Pro social behaviour increases positive mood and also has a positive impact on self-esteem, and overall mental health.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:

Try staying away from smoking and alcohol. People smoke and drink to remain calm and composed. However, the opposite is true. Quitting smoking and drinking would help in dealing with psychological issues such as anxiety and stress. Research says that smokers have eight year lesser life expectancy than non smokers. Same is true for alcoholics.

Get enough sunlight:

It is important to get enough sunlight since it is a source of vitamin D which helps improve the mood. A person’s serotonin levels can go drastically low without any sunlight exposure. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by low level of serotonin.


Research shows praying to a higher power and believing on a divine power keeps a good mental health. The practice of giving importance to the interconnectedness of lives can help reduce the pain that comes with difficult situation.

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Find strength:

Try to focus on and building your strength which would help take the mind away from weakness.

Good support system:

It is important to have a good support system to lean upon in times of distress. Family help a lot in dealing with stress since you can discuss your issues with them.

Limit social networking:

Limit your time to social networking. Spending less time on social networking gives time for other things such as friends and hobby. Social networking is linked to depression and anxiety.

Learn to say no:

Saying no is a good habit since it would help you in prioritizing your well being. Speak up if you do not like anything. Do not be a people pleaser.

Educate yourself about mental health:

Educating yourself about mental health helps a great deal in avoiding things that lead to a bad mental health. Prevention is always better than cure. You can read a blog or go to a therapist in order to educate yourself about various methods to achieve mental well being.

Well balanced diet:

Going for a well-balanced diet can definitely help you maintain your physical as well as emotional health.

A good well balanced diet plays an important role in the prevention of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and the like. Our diet should provide enough carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, mineral, vitamin and water.

Go to a therapist:

Going to a therapist would help in dealing with severe mental health issues. There are several reasons to go to a therapist such as building your own self esteem, adjusting to the environment, understanding people around you, searching for a meaning in life, etc. A therapist would help you set goals, analyze your personality and hence benefit you psychologically.

These are the tips which would help you keep you take care of your emotional health in the best way.

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Psychologist Shyamolima Datta

Shyamolima Datta is a Counselling Psychologist . She finished B.A(honours) and Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia University respectively along with an advanced diploma in Counselling Psychology, Body image among adolescents is an important topic of research where she has researched on Body Image and its relationship to anxiety and depression among adolescent girls"She follows the "humanistic approach" for therapy where "unconditional positive regard" is crucial to bring a lasting change in a person's mental setup. Cognitive behaviour therapy is also used by her to treat depression , phobia and the like.Counselling the highly sensitive and introverts ,its her forte as she has dealt with them using psychotherapy given by Carl Jung, to come out of their shell and face the world keeping their personality intact .

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